Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Typical....Nothing Seen on MRI

The doctor called early Friday afternoon after receiving the results summary.  As it typically is for me nothing showed to be irritating the trigeminal nerve.  The only thing that showed up was a little something in my left nasal sinus cavity.  UGH!  Now Benny says we're not going to do any more special tests like this since they're not showing anything the doctors can use to figure out what's wrong.

I got the authorization confirmations from insurance afterwards.  The doctor's office said they ordered a MRI with contrast but both confirmations said without dye.  So I have a feeling we'll have to pay more for the usage of the dye...receiving the bill just in time for Christmas.  Just what we can't afford right now.

The doctor also said she finally got the information fromt he neurologist for possible alternatives to the Tegretol.  Since I'm no longer experiencing pain there's no need to continue Tegretol or try the alternatives.  I hope she put the information in my file so we'll have something to turn to if/when this comes up again.

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