Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Super Heroine Fitness Week 2

I weighed in last night up 3.2 lbs so it was the first time I had to pay Weight Watchers.  I think it was the combination of TOM and the gallstones with a little leftover DOMS.

My PCP took a look at the report from the CT scan.  He said:
The changes of the gallbladder suggest the gallbladder was inflamed  (mild pericholecystic edema or wall thickening”)..  The gallstones can do this, and might make the case for removal of the gallbladder.

His nurse responded about one point I didn't understand:
Just wanted to let you know that Adipose tissue is the medical terminology for Fat tissue/fat cells. It is saying that you do not have a lot fat tissue. It is a good thing. I hope that helps!

My GYN said the part about the bilateral ovarian follicles wasn't anything to worry about.

I don't know when I'll do another round of Gallbladder Complete but I hope it's changed some things for the better so that the surgery isn't a MUST DO.

Weigh-in Wednesday!

WEDNESDAY I finally got some zucchini at the farmer's market.

I finally convinced Benny that I needed more weight plates so we stopped at Play It Again Sports.  I now have gloves (makes my hands feel much better) and the dumbbells go up to 25 lbs!

THURSDAY began the second round of Super Heroine Fitness Episode 1 with Adventure 1, upping the dumbbells to 15 lbs.

FRIDAY I did a Yoga with Adriene workout.

We went grocery shopping Friday night.  I came home wondering where we'd put everything because there are so many veggies in the fridge.  Somehow I made it all fit!

SATURDAY I did Adventure 2 and was super sweaty!  I think that day I had the most visible sweat on my leotard.

MONDAY I woke up still sore from Saturday so I had another yoga session specifically targeting my shoulders.  It took a few hours but the soreness went away.

TUESDAY I did Adventure 3 but it seemed almost too easy.  I finished it faster than before too.  Something felt off...

Today I'll take my walk but have no plans to stop at the farmer's market as I don't have room for anything LOL.  I'm leaving work early today for a media reception with a preview of the Indiana State Fair...or at least that's what's planned.  I received no confirmation of my RSVP.

I have an abundance of cucumbers yet Benny hasn't made anything with them.  I don't want the bounty to spoil so I'm looking for ways to use them up.  I personally don't like the taste of cucumbers so it's hard to find a recipe that I'd enjoy.  In smoothies their flavor overpowers everything so that's off the table.  Have you found any ways to cook with cucumber losing the flavor?

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  1. I'm not sure what issues you were having with your gallbladder/stones but I went from having 2 solid weeks of heartburn/nausea and once I did have the surgery, immediate relief. (well a full day after the surgery). Hoping this will be the reason that I haven't been able to lose and have been stuck in plateau land for so long that I'm hoping to start seeing some consistent movement once again on the scale. We shall see! Good luck with your issues! Sorry about the gain this week.

    1. I actually stopped taking my GERD medication when my attacks started (didn't want to throw it up) and haven't had any since. 6 weeks medication free (except for pain meds for cramps...stupid TOM). With me struggling to keep my weight in the goal window and finding out about my stones leads me to believe that may have been your problem for a while too.

  2. I am loving the cucumbers!!!! There's so much to make with them - let me count the ways.

    1. I will be making something with cucumbers to take to the neighbor's get-together tomorrow. Don't know what yet....Benny will make his cucumber salad thing (heavy cream, cucumbers, onion, & spices).

  3. Cucumbers are good for infused water. Pickles (you can basically just do refrigerator pickles; google it). Tzatziki is wonderful (grate the cucumbers into some greek yougurt - again, google it, you'll find recipes).

    They do spoil quickly though!