Wednesday, January 15, 2014

And the Losing Streak is Over

Not really working out for 3 weeks and TOM put a halt to my losing streak.  I weighed in Tuesday night with a 2.2 lb gain.  The last gain I had was November 26th.  If I'd waited until Thursday again would the scale be different?

This weekend I ate my first salad since I was out of bread - ham, cheese wedge (Aldi's equivalent of the Laughing Cow brand), ranch, and a bunch of lettuce (Aldi's artisan blend I believe).  On a sandwich I'd normally have either cheese (the wedge or cream cheese) or ranch not both.  I had to have both for added flavor.

Monday night we went to Aldi's and Kroger.  I got just about everything on the shopping list (less the stuff I didn't want) for the recipes I'm trying.  This meal planning venture doesn't save me money; it costs me more!  That list was for 6 dinners, two being freezer meals.  We spent more than our normal two week's worth of groceries.  What in the world did I do wrong?

There was a bread shortage at both stores. The sandwich slims I buy at either place for under $2.  Aldi's had none and Kroger only had the name brands that were $3+.  I'm not willing to pay double for a regular purchase item!  I got Flatout bread instead.

Week 3 of  Weight Watchers' New Year, New You Challenge is moving more.  Whatever your current activity level is you're supposed to add 5 minutes more per day.  Since the vertigo happened I never settled on what workout I'm doing next.  Pretty much everything I had checked out from the library to try will need to be returned before I have a chance to complete the program.

Things have been so off lately I realized it's time to take my measurements again!  I doubt there's been changes this time around but we'll see.

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  1. How much have you lost? Do you think you have hit a plateau? Have you ramped up you workout?

  2. Keep plowing through and remain consistent and you will begin to see changes. It seems difficult at first but you will overcome any obstacle tossed your way. Thank you for stopping by this week's WOW Link Up. Please come back and join us each and every Wednesday. We would love to have you and read more of your blog posts. Cheers!