Monday, September 14, 2015

Summer of Blah

I bought the bikini this spring as my reward for hitting my goal weight but with all the issues that have popped up since then it all seems like a distant memory....

I didn't go anywhere and it wasn't ever warm enough for long to lay outside and actually wear the bikini.  It's just sat in my drawer for months.

For the BBQs at the neighbor's we had to stay covered because the mosquitos bombarded us all night despite sitting by the bonfire.

At least I didn't have to worry much about leaks this summer!  Since becoming one of the #UnderWarriors this past April I rarely have to change clothes.  I'd like to think that this has something to do in part with using U by Kotex!

Using only a U by Kotex Security Ultra Thin Pad on my light days keep my undies clean.  Adding a U by Kotex CleanWear Ultra Thin Pad to a tampon on my super heavy days seems to stop any overflow in it's tracks.

How can YOU join the #UnderWarrior team? Simple – just head to the website, request a free sample of U by Kotex® Ultra Thin pads with 3D Capture Core plus Xpress DRI, and help get the word out that U by Kotex® is here to help stop leaks and Save the Undies.

About U by Kotex®:
U by Kotex® offers a full line of feminine care products for periods including pads, liners and tampons.  Outstanding protection that keeps you one step ahead.

About Xpress DRI:
U by Kotex® Ultra Thin pads with 3D Capture Core and the Xpress DRI cover offer crazy fast absorption to help stop leaks.

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