Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Super Heroine Fitness Week 5

I weighed in last night down 2.2 lbs so I'm safely in the goal window again.

September is a busy month for birthday on the 8th, the Arsenal 5K on the 19th, the surgery consult on the 21st, and the hysteroscopy with polypectomy on the 22nd.  It's all a waiting game now.

Did you see any of the #WeAreEverything Movement on Monday?  Brittnei Washington came up with this idea for all of us to join together and seeing one another in each person's perspective in all lifestyles and situations.  It's all about showing love and compassion for everything and everyone.  Check out the hashtag on Facebook to see the posts and share with us the last day of every month (except NYE).

Weigh-in Wednesday!

WEDNESDAY I walked a 5K through downtown during lunch.

THURSDAY I completed 6 sets of  Episode 2 Adventure 3.

SATURDAY I did 5 sets of Episode 2 Adventure 4.

MONDAY I did a session of Yoga with Adriene.

TUESDAY I did Episode 2 Adventure 1, upping the weight to 15 lbs (except for the flyes - still not yet ready to move off 8 lbs).  I almost got in a full 6 sets again...first time the timer ran out on me.

Today I stopped at the farmer's market and picked up a couple of zucchini.  On the circle they had something for the NHRA race this weekend.  I looked around and took a picture for a guy next to one of the cars.

Now that most kids are back in school I invite you to join the Back to COOL DietBet to get back to working on YOU this fall.  It's just $35 to sign up.  Let's continue to make 2015 the best year yet!

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  1. Sounds like a really busy and nerve wracking September. Keep your positive vibes going.

  2. Good job getting in that goal window! I hope all your September things end up going well!

  3. Sounds like you have a lot going on this month! Congrats on the weigh in and have a happy birthday

  4. Ooh, happy birthday! My sister's birthday is the same day!

  5. Yay for reaching your goal window! Keep up the great work!

  6. Happy early birthday!!! Nice job on walking a 5K at lunch!!

  7. The goal is getting closer! I love yoga with adrienne.

  8. Hooray for getting into your goal window. Looks like September is off to a great start.