Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Weigh in Wednesday

THURSDAY I got warm doing P90X3 The Warrior.

FRIDAY I stretched doing Isometrix.

SATURDAY I did Agility X.

MONDAY I stretched some more with X3 Yoga after waking up with a sinus headache.

In the afternoon I visited the ENT about my nose.  I was in the room probably 45 minutes before a doctor came in (an intern I think).  He did the exam and sprayed some stuff up my nose, not before telling me it'd taste gross and numb things.  Man, was it gross!  It opened up my nose a bit and only numbed my nasal passages a tad but it sure numbed my throat and front teeth better than the dentist!  I asked for some water and did pretty good taking little sips but once I did take too big of one and almost choked in front of the actual doctor.  They said the stuff would start to wear off in about 30 minutes.

After I got home it did wear off completely.  However, it appears that I got a cold from it or the office.  I was so sleepy I dozed on the couch the rest of the evening (when I wasn't cooking or eating dinner).  My nose kept dripping like an annoying faucet and my throat was sore.

TUESDAY I woke up with the cold continuing, adding the dull muscle aches after doing Accelerator slowly.  I sent the office a message asking what the stuff was and also letting them know I couldn't fill the prescription they gave me for Flonase (assuming it's because it's OTC now).

The nurse's response:
The numbing spray consists of phenylephrine and tetracaine. Phenylephrine is the active ingredient in Sudafed. It works to constrict or narrow blood vessels, which decreases bleeding and the inflammatory response which produces excess drainage. The inflammatory response and/or bleeding can be triggered by Dr. Ting removing any crusting or scabbing in your nose during debridements. Tetracaine is a topical numbing agent. Since the spray only lasts 60 - 90 minutes, it is normal for the response to last another day or so. You can use Afrin nose spray (available over the counter) two times daily for 3 days if you are continuing to have symptoms (drippy nose & sore throat). I would begin to use the Flonase as well. Sometimes the Flonase can take up to a week to take full effect.

Flonase is available over the counter. We submit the prescription in an attempt to run the medication through insurance, but some insurance companies do not cover medications that are available over the counter.
WEDNESDAY I did CVX with a headache.  This afternoon I go to my regular doctor for my annual physical.  I'm going to have him order the scans so we can see how the stones are doing.  Also, the ENT wanted one for my nose and sinuses so might as well get them done before the end of the year!

MONDAY share your family's favorite holiday recipe.  We don't have any special holiday recipes.

TUESDAY swap out a snack or dessert for fruit.  I often have an apple (or two) with peanut butter as my dessert.  But I'm out of apples...and peanut butter.  All I have is canned pineapple.

WEDNESDAY post a selfie of your workout. 

THURSDAY share your family-sized activity.  We don't have any of these either...

FRIDAY show how do you play on your forearms. 

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  1. UGH! That is one of the most annoying feelings/problems ever... A runny nose :(

  2. I hate being sick and I think a stuffy OR runny nose is the worse! I hope you are feeling better.

  3. I hope you start feeling better soon! And great job on your workouts for the week.

  4. Ahh! I hope you feel better soon! Great job on your workouts this week despite being sick!

  5. Oh I am so sorry to hear you've been not well. I've have a bit of some of the colds going on around here to, it's seriously no fun! Hope you get feeling better soon!!!

  6. I'm having some ups and downs too, but one thing I'm happy for: I'm not having Xmas blues.
    I used to feel really homesick at this time of the year, but maybe because I'm so busy with positive things, it has been a nice time for me.
    Wishing you a prompt recovery and let's kick it in 2016 and beyond!