Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Going Down

THURSDAY I was worn out with Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Workout 8.

FRIDAY I got into a new-to-me pose in Yoga with Adriene.

SATURDAY I did Workout 9.  I was lightheaded so some moves felt like I was flying!  I ran into one of the ladies from Weight Watchers at the Chinese restaurant.  We both said "see you Tuesday" so I kinda felt obligated to go to the meeting next week.

MONDAY I did some more Yoga with Adriene.  I shared a set of transformation pictures on Instagram, showing how different I looked from when I first started exercising to now.

After work I drove down to the southside YMCA to register for the Heartsaver CPR/AED certification class on the 21st.  That place is packed so I'll have to leave work extra early to be able to find a parking spot!

YESTERDAY it was tough during Workout 10.  About 10 minutes in I had to pause the DVD to catch my breath!

I went to the Weight Watchers meeting and was down 1 lb!  I still had to pay the meeting fee since I wasn't down further.  I'd seen their campaign about sharing your Glowment but didn't hear about these cute Glowboxes.  I immediately bought one!  The selfie button paired with my phone but wouldn't take a picture (just like selfie sticks).

TODAY was HOLY COW with Cardio 3!  Way too much plyo for me so I tried to modify a lot of the exercises.

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  1. AMAZING progress! I always love side by side shots as you don't always see daily progress

  2. Sounds like you are getting back on track. You've come a long way! Very impressive.

  3. Congrats on making such great progress! That Glowbox looks pretty awesome.

  4. Congrats on taking the first step for your CPR/AED certification! I'd never heard about the Glowment campaign. Sounds interesting.

  5. Great job this week, the glowment box looks sweet! Keep up the hard work!

  6. Such an amazing transformation! Keep up the good work!

  7. You are doing great. It's not always easy to keep going forward. Keep it up girl.

  8. Wow, what a transformation! What ever you are doing, it's working for you! Good job at sticking to your goals!

  9. Wow! You've come such a long way since you've started your transformation. The glow box looks like a fun assortment of products. It's great got into your CPR/AED certification class pretty quickly. Sometimes they fill up and you have to wait. Thanks for linking with us Cassi. Keep up the awesome work you've been doing!

  10. Wow that box of stuff does look fun! Amazing job on your progress, I know your glad you have pictures to keep you motivated! So many don't take pictures. Thanks for linking up with us Cassi!