Monday, November 11, 2013

Famous in Five Challenge Day 5

Friday's Famous in Five Challenge assignment was to pitch guest posts while Monday's was to pitch interviews.  Both use the bullet points from Day 3 to address the responsible parties of the blogs and podcasts.  Again the information is to be recorded in the spreadsheet provided

The Devil's in the Details
  • Write out the specific details of the audience involved in the other blog/podcast.
  • Decide on a specific aspect of your business that really interests said audience (the topic you're pitching).
  • Select 3+ bullet points that relate to that topic, showing your authority.
  • The same format can be used for both types of pitch emails; the interview one just doesn't involve a title suggestion.
  • In the spreadsheet record the date the emails are sent as well as when you receive a response.
They give a couple of samples so you know what the pitch emails should look like.  Yes, I know I'm being too hard on myself, but I just can't see my information looking that fancy!  I definitely don't have as much to say as the examples.

Better? Blogs

Below are blogs with a better Alexa rating than mine.  They are the ones to which I'd like to pitch my first guest posts and interview.
  • Cranky Fitness:  This blog says they rarely have guest posts so it would be better to pitch an interview.  Current Global Alexa rating is 300,078.
  • Real Into:  Carli's a fellow SITStah and Sverver so it was kind of embarrassing to not think of her LOL.  Current Global Alexa rating is 251,552.
  • CalmHealthySexy:  I just found this blog today and it looks appealing.  Current Global Alexa rating is 416,769.
I had another one but she's switched it over from Blogger to WordPress so that crashed her rating.  I've saved all the blogs on Alexa's site comparisons section on the Dashboard so I can periodically monitor to see when ratings improve.

Now it's on to figure out what topic I'm going to pitch to each.  I'm so nervous about this challenge!  Please feel free to leave any tips you have about pitching guest posts or interviews.


  1. Wow 2 of the 3 blogs that you mentioned I actually know those beautiful bloggers in the blog world! This is a very interesting challenge. I'm sure you will do awesome. Looks like it really is a great way to keep you focused. :)

  2. I haven't pitched for any guest posts or interviews yet. My questions would be, are these blog sites in your niche?

    1. Yes, these are all blogs in health/wellness/fitness.

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning me, Cassandra! So that's weird. A lower Alexa score is better...basically you want to be #1. I can't imagine why my score would be lower than Cranky Fitness. But I just went and checked it again (came up 247,494 this time...getting better) and then Cranky Fitness (came up 303,815). I find that incredibly bizarre. Yeah for me I suppose. LOL!

    I agree with Brittnei, you are incredibly focused on this! I would love to see your pitch. I'm sure that it's wonderful.

    1. I've answered the questions you have for the interviews and having someone review it to make sure I didn't leave anything out. I didn't seem to have as much to say on the second half of the questions so it looks weird to me LOL

  4. Good luck with it. Being nervous about it will only make it much better when you have finished :)

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  6. I am just now looking in to doing some pitching, thanks for the article.