Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Reflections of 2016

I don't know about you but this year flew by fast!  So much went on around the world it's hard to think what to cover in this post....

2016 in Review



  • Group Exercise Instructor and Wellness Coach certifications
  • Soft launch of the Brand New Me Wellness Coaching Programs
  • Announcing the launch of Fit Indy Parties 
  • Hired on at the Baxter YMCA as a Wellness Coach on Wednesday nights (stop by and say hi!)
  • Purchased a tablet and laptop
  • Enjoyed Fitbloggin'
  • Walked in The Great Pumpkin Run


  • Finding the elusive first paying client (the only goal I did NOT accomplish this year)
  • Gaining back ~30 lbs
  • Making the decision to quit Beachbody since I had no clients 


Looking Ahead to 2017



For 2017 my focus is on relationships.  According to Jennifer Dunham's Happiness Quiz I crave improved relationships, with both family and friends.  There are two aspects of this for me.
  1. Heart Happiness (aka romantic love):  Greater relationship satisfaction, feeling Benny is there for me.
  2. Family/Friend Happiness:  The fundamental need to belong.
Relationships with potential and actual clients will also come into play.




I shared my main business goals on Instagram during The Recharge Challenge.

To work on these goals I could use your help.  Please share this little video clip with your networks.
Now that the presents are bought for everyone else it's time to invest in something for yourself. I'm looking for 5 women in the US aged 40-60, who are looking to kick off the new year on a journey to discover their brand new healthier selves. 

Please complete this form to schedule a Wellness Strategy Session.  Together we can find your path through exercise, healthy eating, personal development, and self care.


At my physical earlier this month my doctor said he's OK with my weight being up but my clothes are too tight.  So one of my goals is to lose the ~30 lbs I've gained back.

As you may or may not know Benny doesn't work and hasn't since he came here from Germany to marry me.  He tried to run a flea market type shop early on in the marriage but that failed miserably.  He has not tried to work or find employment since and, as far as I can tell, has no legitimate reason why.  On top of that Benny's not supportive of this whole coaching business, thinking it's a fad and not my passion/purpose, telling me I have to quit.  This has created much tension that occasionally bubbles to the surface, greatly decreasing my heart happiness.

Normally for improving heart happiness Jennifer recommends things like
  • Hug your spouse when they get home every day.
  • Go to bed together each night at the same time, even if you aren’t tired.
  • Set aside 10 minutes each day to simply sit and have a conversation with your spouse.
  • When you feel angry at your partner, practice the habit of breathing and counting to 10 before speaking. 
  • Actively replace critical comments with supportive, loving words.

Some of the things she has recommended for me:
  • Start happy every morning.  What the heck does this mean?  Starting out your day with a positive attitude sets the tone of the rest of your day.  So while you brush your teeth or shower, set your intention for the day.
  • Create a safety net.  A safety net is used so you can bounce back faster when negativity or difficult situations arise throughout your day.  I call this your “Recovery Plan”.  You can re-program negative thoughts by actively thinking ahead of time of how you will react. 
    By reacting differently to and handling the situation with your planned reaction it will deflate the situation before it turns negative. So plan ahead to all the things your hubby might say when you ask him to do something and attempt a different reaction.
  • Learn a new language.  I don’t mean that you will literally go learn German, Spanish, or Russian.  The language you need to learn is what you tell yourself.  Nine times out of ten, we tell ourselves things that just aren’t true.  We only speak them to ourselves because it’s been a habit for too long.
  • Every night, while you brush your teeth or put your PJs on, practice appreciation.  While writing down gratitude or appreciation is suggested, it’s not necessary.  So long as you make it part of your happiness practice as part of your nightly routine, you will end happy.
  • Plan 1x per month do a day trip 

Family & Friends Happiness is the necessity for people to belong and feel happy together. We don't have any local friends to hang out with since the Bible study I was involved in disbanded.  I did sign up for my first book club but am waiting to find out where it'll be held before I commit.

Examples of what to do to improve family & friends happiness:

  • Leave a note for a loved one to surprise them each week.
  • Smile and give direct eye contact when talking to your family and friends.
  • Make a habit of thanking someone with a hand written card as soon as possible after they give you a gift or do something for you.
  • Choose to stay in regular contact with your family/friends and to see them frequently. 
  • Create special traditions that involve your friends or include them in family

How was 2016 for you?  What are some of your goals for 2017?

Monday, December 19, 2016

Wear A Posture Brace and Make Your Back Worse?

With so many people sitting in front of a computer all day, it makes sense that they will spend a good amount of time seeking out ways to improve posture. They usually start off the same way, trying to remember to have good posture.

When that doesn’t work, they start scouring the internet looking for gadgets that will make them have better posture – and the posture brace will soon look like a tempting option. But don’t make that mistake!

Here’s why a posture brace can’t possibly give you better posture…

Wearing a brace for extended periods of time won’t make your muscles stronger, it will only make them weaker. Sitting in front of a computer all day makes the muscles in the front of your body short and tight, while making the muscles in your back long and weak.

The only way to really make positive posture changes is to stretch the front of the body and strengthen the back, but what do most people do? They pull their heads down and then they bend over to stretch out their back.

They are stretching areas that are already too long!

Then you add in the posture brace. Let’s say your back is functioning at 100% strength and then you add in a support like a brace. It increases the “strength” of your back to 110% and you feel immediately better, so you start wearing the brace all day every day.

Your muscles will begin to weaken at a pace of about 1% each day. Just a week later, you need the brace just to feel like your back is okay. Soon after, you’re fully dependent on the brace just to get through your day and you’re back to the internet to seek other options.

Here’s what you should do instead…

Start working on improving your posture through posture exercises. Not sure where to start? Try doing the opposite of what you do all day. Do you sit hunched and rounded in front of a computer? Then you’ll need to spend time stretching your chest and the front of your body.

A simple and effective exercise is one commonly referred to as the “superman” exercise. That’s when you’re lying face down on the floor with your arms extended in front of you. Then you slowly lift up both arms, both legs, and your head as high as you can go.

Initially, it won’t go well. Your muscles are likely very weak! You’ll be doing great to just get in about ten repetitions of each movement. After a week or so, you should be able to feel that your muscles are getting stronger as you are able to do more reps without taking a break.

The key is to go slowly and build up over time. Doing a little each day is better than trying to do 100 repetitions and then not doing the exercises anymore. It took a while for you to notice that your posture was getting bad because it didn’t happen overnight.

It won’t take years to fix your bad posture, but it will take more than a day!

Dr. Philip Cordova is a chiropractor in Houston, TX and a 1997 graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic. He is a speaker on health and wellness topics with a focus on spinal care and posture. He grew up in Glendale, Arizona and practices with his wife, Dr. Natalie Cordova at CORE Chiropractic. Click Here to Read Dr. Cordova's Full Bio

Monday, December 12, 2016

4 Ways to Increase Your Confidence

One of the most powerful assets in your mental arsenal is to increase your confidence – to feel good about yourself so that you can attract the things you want and so that you can give off an aura of being in charge and being passionate about what you’re saying.
But if you’re naturally someone who struggles with self-confidence, how can you simply ‘switch off’ that self-doubt and become more confident. Confidence is what turns thought into action – which is kind of what we’re all about. 

Understand What Confidence Is 

Confidence is a very broad term that gets thrown about a lot with careless abandon. This is a bit damaging because we tend to think of it as a single term that encompasses so much about who we are. We either have ‘good confidence’ or we have ‘bad confidence’.
In reality though, confidence is much more contextual than that. You can be confident in one domain and you can lack confidence in another. Maybe you think you’re ugly but you know you’re a fantastic writer – does that make you confident or not?
So you can make yourself confident simply by focusing more on the things you’re good at in order to spend more time ‘at the top of your game’. At the same time though, you should also make sure you remember that your ability can improve in most areas. If you think you’re ‘bad’ at something, then remember that you’ll get better with practice and that everyone is bad to begin with. We’ve seen how neuronal connections strengthen as they fire and this is how you can become great at any given sport or activity over time.
What about your looks? Well, you can improve those in a lot of ways too. But it’s also useful to remember that everyone is different and that beauty is a very subjective matter. If you focus on your good qualities and own what you’ve got, you’ll be attractive to a lot of people. 

Take Challenges 

As mentioned, it’s useful to learn and to develop the things you’re not good at. This is why the hypothesis testing to become socially bulletproof is so useful – you’re exercising your social skills, just like you exercise a muscle.
As you get better in these areas, you’ll find that your confidence naturally improves because you have more strings to your bow and fewer areas that you consider to be flaws. But more important than this even is the psychology of simply trying new things and taking on new challenges. Each little ‘win’ will flood your brain with positive hormones and reward you and that will make you more inclined to try again. Try learning small things like juggling or learning to count in another language, each time you have a little victory it will improve your confidence and help you become better at taking on newer challenges.
Meanwhile, the failures you encounter will help to make you more accustomed to sometimes picking yourself back up and more desensitized to the feeling of failing at something. Again, this builds confidence.
If you’re looking to increase social confidence and self-worth, one of the very best things to do is to throw yourself into a challenging and outward-facing job. You’ll then have no choice but to make calls, great clients and learn new things and each time you do, your esteem will grow. 

Visualize Success 

Before trying something new, visualize yourself succeeding. This can help you to activate brain areas as though you really had succeeded and that will help to quash any doubt and boost your confidence. You can enhance this further by listening to some empowering music and reminding yourself that it’s a challenge and not an obstacle.
Better yet, if you keep practicing this it can eventually become habit – meaning that you’ll automatically visualize yourself succeeding in future when taking on any new challenge! 

Power Poses 

Power poses are positions you hold that have been shown to boost testosterone and thereby confidence. Try standing up and holding your arms over your head in a ‘V’ shape as though you had just crossed the finish line in a race. This is a universal stance that symbolizes success and it can really help to increase your drive and determination. 

Invest in You 

Finally, invest in yourself. If you treat yourself well for long enough, you will feel as though you deserve to be treated well. What’s more, wearing nice clothes, maintaining good health and having a great home all help to build that internal picture of who you are and give you more self-esteem. It’s not a waste of time and money to buy a good suit – it’s an investment.
Next week we'll talk about staying positive.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Know What You Want & Go After It

In the last couple of chapters, we’ve focused on using CBT to reduce stress. And we’ve seen how this can indirectly lead to advancements in your career thanks to things like the law of attraction.
But what about motivating yourself toward something? What if you’re not frozen by fear and stress but simply by tiredness and indifference? What if you don’t know what it is you want out of life, or how to structure a goal so that you can get there? You can’t very well work toward what you want when you don’t know what that is! 
The first thing we’re going to do is to introduce just a very subtle shift in the way you approach these ideas. And specifically, this will mean having a vision and not a goal.

What is the difference between a vision and a goal?

A vision is much more abstract but at the same time, more tangible.
A goal is to lose 15 lbs in 10 weeks. A vision is to be the same you, but fitter, healthier and more attractive – running outdoors with a healthy looking tan and waking up every morning with tons of energy to get up and attack the day.
Which of those things is more motivating? For most people, the answer will be the vision.
The other great thing about visions is that most of us already have them, even if we don’t know it. If I ask you what your goal in life is, then you might not be able to answer. But if I ask you to just imagine your perfect life, then you might find it easier to do. Perhaps you’re sitting on a beautiful beach somewhere? Perhaps you’re living in a massive mansion? Maybe you’re rich in a skyscraper somewhere?
If you’re still struggling to come up with a vision that you can work toward, then some other questions to ask are things like: who are your role models (and what do they have in common)? When was the last time you were truly happy? What did you want to be when you were a kid?
It doesn’t have to be super concrete – wanting to be rich, wanting more time with your family or wishing you weren’t at work is fine! And if you do have something really concrete – wishing you were a famous rock star – then that’s fine too.
From here, the next thing to do is to take that vision and break it down into steps. This is another important point and it’s once again something that a lot of people get wrong. If you are working toward a goal rather than a vision, then you might, as per our previous example, be working toward losing X amount of weight in N amount of time.
This is a fine aim but it’s far too distant and too outside your control to be useful. When it comes to the crunch and you need to force yourself out the door to exercise, it’s all too easy to just tell yourself you’ll catch up on what you’ve missed later. You end up putting it off or making excuses and by the time that amount of time has passed and you haven’t achieved what you were hoping, you just feel disappointed, disheartened and possibly depressed. Eventually, this leads to you giving up entirely!
So instead, we make steps toward our vision. This means coming up with a plan first and often you’ll find it’s easier than you think to accomplish the impossible – it just requires a bit of creative thought. For example, if you want to be a rock star you might take a less obvious route such as creating your own YouTube channel and posting your music regularly. If you build up a big enough following and you have enough obvious skill, then eventually this is highly likely to lead to an offer for a recording contract!
In other scenarios it might be a very easy set of steps – in order to lose weight you might eat no more than 1800 calories every day and workout five times a week for 30 minutes. If you want to write a best selling novel, your goal might be to wake up one hour early and write for 40 minutes before work.
These are now incredibly simple steps that are highly within your control. You either fail or pass but it’s entirely down to you. And if you do fail? You can simply try again the next day. Each day is a fresh challenge and there is no putting things off. Ultimately, this makes a goal much easier to stick to – especially if you use the chain technique a lot of people use: creating a string of X’s in a calendar so that you will find yourself not wanting to break the sequence by missing a workout or writing session!
This will seem detached from the goal at times but if the steps are good, then taking them every single day, week or month on a consistent basis will mean you’re getting gradually closer to your aim.
Now all that’s left is to motivate yourself and to get yourself in a mind set where you’re willing to put in the time and work to get to where you want to be. How do you get yourself to get out of bed to go for a run at 5am when it’s pouring with rain outside?
The answer is that you need to use a slightly altered form of CBT by focusing on the emotional reasons behind what you’re doing. In other words, you need to think about the vision and you need to feel the vision. This is what will give you the release of the correct neurotransmitters to have the motivation to do it. You can also focus on what it is you’re trying to avoid.
So if you’re thinking about running in the morning and you can’t find the willpower to do it, the answer is just to make the connection in your mind so that you link that step to the outcome you want. Visualize that version of yourself who is fit, healthy and ripped and picture yourself running in the sun during the summer. Think about how it feels to never have this low energy and think about the alternative – getting gradually less and less fit and feeling gradually worse and worse with nothing that you can do to fix it.
And if you try this a few mornings and you find it doesn’t work, then another consideration is to try setting yourself up some kind of video or script that you can read or watch when you wake up to do that for you. Feel the emotion, know that the step you’re considering is what can get you there and then take the next step!
Next week we'll talk about increasing your confidence.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitpreneurs

Fitpreneur n A person who is growing or has grown a business out of their passion for healthy living, fitness, and/or wellness. 

If there's a Fitpreneur in your life you might want to create a gift basket for the holidays.  This allows you the freedom of choosing any items you want for the basket instead of just buying a single gift.  Here are some different items that are $50 or less you can include in a gift basket.

General Fitness Gifts

Cooling Towel

When someone goes to workout, they usually need to bring along a towel. They will need a towel at home, on a hike or a long walk, and when going to the gym. You can provide them with a new towel that is soft, absorbing, and even cooling. There are some excellent towels out there made from microfiber that also contain cooling fibers to help them cool off if getting hot and sweaty from their workout. It is an excellent addition to any fitness gift basket.

Gift Cards

Remember when you are putting together a gift basket, there is nothing wrong with including some relevant gift cards or gift certificates. These can each be a smaller dollar amount, such as one for a local spa where they can get a massage after a marathon, or to local sports supply stores where they might want to buy fitness equipment. You can also get a gift card to a local fitness store that sells clothing, supplements, and protein powder.


Fitpreneurs that do outdoor workouts, such as hiking, running, or cycling, might need a good way to carry personal items. An armband really is a great purchase. There are now armbands that can hold smaller items they might need, but don’t want to keep in their pockets, such as a cellphone, ear buds, credit card, ID, and some cash. They can also put their house or car key inside the arm band and always have it right there.

Blender/Shaker Bottle

If your Fitpreneur often drinks protein shakes, then they will love getting a blender/shaker bottle in their gift basket. These bottles have a small blending blade or ball inside, so that they can add the powder, water, and other ingredients right to the bottle, close the lid, and shake it up. The blades and balls will blend up the ingredients without using electricity or having to use their home blender. It is so easy, perfect for travel, and small enough to fit in a gift basket with other items.

Gifts for Hikers

Collapsible Water Bottle

Hikers need to drink plenty of water when they are out, but they can’t always bring big bulky water bottles that are going to add extra weight to their pack. A better option is to get a collapsible water bottle. These bottles are really lightweight, BPA-free, and better for the environment. As long as the hiker also has something with them to get clean water from lakes and streams, they can add the clean water to the collapsible water bottle. When they are done with it, it folds up and fits easily into their pack without added weight.

Hiking Bell

For Fitpreneurs that hike in mountains and heavily forested areas, one of the main dangers is bears and other wildlife. You might want to include some safety items in their hiking gift basket, such as a bell. These are bells that have a unique sound to scare off bears specifically, one of the more serious wildlife dangers to a hiker who is out without protection. The bell can be put in their pack or on a string around their neck so that it is available in a hurry.

Foldable Wine Bottle

Not only are there collapsible water bottles, but the same thing with wine bottles. If your Fitpreneur is someone that likes more casual hikes just to catch the scenery, they might decide to set up picnic with a loved one or close friend. The foldable wine bottle lets them pour wine into this bottle, bring it on the hike, then fold up the bottle when they are done and put it in their pack. When the hike is over, they are saving some weight in the pack, which is always welcomed.


You can get a really good quality hiking backpack for the gift basket to put all of the different items in. This turns the ‘gift basket’ into one where items are actually in the backpack itself. The recipient now has a fun gift that shows you understand what their interests are, and they also have a new hiking backpack to try out. Plus, these are large bags so you can fit quite a few items inside.

Gifts for Runners

Massage Items

One thing most runners have in common is having sore and tired muscles. Whether this gift basket is for someone who regularly runs marathons or they just started a new running workout routine, they are going to have quite a bit of body soreness. There are a few different types of massage gifts you can put in the gift basket. The first is to simply get them a gift certificate to a local massage place you know they like to go to, or something like where it works for different spas. Another option is to add items they can use for home massages, such as muscle rub or a handheld massager for their neck and back.

Ear Buds & Headphone Accessories

Your Fitpreneur who is a runner probably likes to listen to music or another type of audio while running, such as an audio book or podcast. The problem is that regular headphones or ear buds fall out once they start running fast. You can include some ear buds meant specifically for the active lifestyle, which have a unique design to remain inside the ear and wrap around the ear to be held into place. With these, you can also include some other audio accessories, such as an armband that holds the phone in place.

Running Belt

Something every runner should have is a high-quality running belt. These are definitely gaining in popularity more recently as people want to carry more with them while they run, such as their cell phone and other accessories. You don’t want to go running with your car keys and wallet in your pocket, but putting these small items in a running belt definitely helps. It isn’t like a big bulky fanny pack that slides around and bounces up and down while running. Running belts are designed to remain in place, be lightweight, and not get in the way of the run.

Glow-in-the-Dark Accessories

For someone running at night, the main danger is that others can’t see them. Aside from wearing reflective clothing, they should also wear something on their body that glows. A good idea is to include some LED armbands that will glow in the dark. These are lightweight and just go around their ankles or wrists, making it so others on the road can see them running at night.

Gifts for Swimmers


This might seem like a weird item to put in a gift basket, but it is actually really helpful to a swimmer! They often need to wash the chlorine out of their hair, so by adding a chlorine-removal shampoo to the basket along with other things, you are saving them a small purchase and an extra trip to the store. This can turn into a swimming basics gift basket with things like water-resistant sunscreen, towel, flip flops, and other swimming essentials.

Swim Bag

For the basket itself, consider instead using a swim bag to put items in. Not only will it be large enough to fit all kinds of swimming essentials and gifts inside, but the bag itself doubles as an extra gift. Plus, when you use an actual swim bag as the basket for a gift basket, you know what items are going to fit inside, so they make good gifts for a swimmer.

Underwater Camera

This is another excellent idea for a Fitpreneur who swims, particularly people who also like to swim for fun. If you know someone who swims in the ocean or swimming pools, they might want to bring along a camera for underwater selfies and to take pictures of fish when swimming in the ocean. There are plenty of disposable cameras that are waterproof and can go under the water. You can also get a digital camera or case for a camera that can handle water. Plus, some Go Pro and similar devices have waterproof cases.

Custom Towel

Another thing every swimmer needs is a really good towel. You can include a towel in the gift basket, but instead of just choosing any generic towel, buy a really high-quality one and personalize it. Choose an oversized, soft, and plush towel that will get them dry but also be warm if it is cold when they get out of the pool. You can personalize it with anything from pictures to their name or even a quote they are often repeating. There are a lot of different directions you can go here.

Gifts for Pilates Pals


Start out your gift basket by including something every Pilates enthusiast needs; sticky socks! These are often used by people who do Pilates and yoga, as well as any other floor work exercises. Since Pilates is usually done on hard floors or tile, it gets slippery. This can make it difficult for them to gain their composure, causing them to slide around when trying to focus on a movement. With the socks, they keep their feet warm, but they also have sticky bottoms so their feet grip the bottom of the ground a little better. They are usually inexpensive so a good option for gift basket.

Back Bag

Your Fitpreneur that likes Pilates might not do the workouts at home, but actually head to a local gym that has classes or a Pilates studio. This means they need a good way to bring their mat and other items needed for the class. Instead of getting them a gym bag, you can get them a back bag. This type of bag fits better with the natural curvature of the spine, so it keeps strain from their back and shoulders. Instead of putting the items into a basket, you can actually put all the little gifts inside the bag for the ‘gift basket’.


If the Pilates gift basket is for a Fitpreneur you are close to and you know their size, some clothing is a great option for the gift. It gets expensive when you keep buying new pants, shirts, and other clothing items, so if you can help them out, that’s great! Even simple items like yoga pants or tank tops are really good. Just remember with the tops that they move around a lot, so get criss-cross straps that won’t keep falling down.

Foam Roller

This is a type of roller that is often used in Pilates classes. You can usually find the foam rollers in fitness sections of most retailers, especially those that sell yoga or Pilates accessories. Foam rollers are moderately-priced and should fit into a larger basket or inside a Pilates bag if that is what you are using as a basket.

Gifts for Yogis

Yoga Mat

Naturally, one of the best gifts you can include in your gift basket is a yoga mat. However, if your Fitpreneur participates in yoga on a regular basis, they probably already have a yoga mat. Instead of just choosing a generic one, try to make it special. One way is to have one personalized, such as with one of their favorite images, or by personalizing it with their name or a saying they often repeat. Another option is to get them a travel yoga mat, which is great for when they are traveling.

Sling Sandals

An item that tends to be popular for people who enjoy yoga and sling sandals, often referred to as yoga mat sandals. These aren’t just any style of sling sandals, but labeled for yoga because they are actually made from the same material that yoga mats are made from. People can walk around in these sandals and feel the support and comfort of a yoga mat underneath their feet at all times. It is an excellent gift to include.


Another thing that yogis often need are headbands, and they can never have too many of them, so no need to worry if they already have one. You want to look for a soft and stretchy fabric headband that he or she can wear on their head to keep hair out of their eyes and sweet away from their face while doing yoga. There are a lot of great ones out there, from solid colors to vibrant patterns. You can get one really nice one or add a few of them into the gift basket with some other small items.


As far as yoga clothes go, there are a few things you can buy for a Fitpreneur and include them in the gift basket. You might not buy yoga pants since you don’t know their exact size, but it is usually easy to find a sweater that would be their size. Choose a loose-fitting and flowing sweater they can wear over their yoga clothes when heading into class.

Gluten Free Gifts

It can be hard following a gluten-free lifestyle, especially when so many holiday gifts are filled with treats that person is unable to eat. When your Fitpreneur is gluten-free, it helps to create a gluten-free basket with things they can actually use or consume for this type of lifestyle.

Pasta & Sauce

One good idea for a gift basket for a gluten-free Fitpreneur is to put together an entire meal for them. This can be the theme of the basket, where you provide a box of gluten-free pasta, some gluten-free pastasauce, and even bread or rolls that you made yourself and also don’t contain any gluten. You can stop there or add in a bottle of wine or other beverage without any gluten in it, some plates and cutlery, and wine glasses of course. It is a really fun and unique idea.

Reusable Food Containers

Something most gluten-free individuals have in common is that they have to cook more meals at home. This often means being left with leftovers and wanting to prepare meals ahead of time for lunches and traveling snacks. Reusable food containers really come in handy, whether making lunch for the next week or just putting away leftovers and having the meal another night of the week. You can get an entire set for a big gift basket or just throw a few small ones in that they can use.


For someone who might be new to the gluten-free lifestyle and was just diagnosed with gluten sensitivity or allergies, you can get them a cookbook. They might not know much about this diet or what they can have, so get a cookbook or two and add it to the gift basket. It is not only a fun gift, but practical and helpful as well.

Loaf Pan

Another thing that people on the gluten-free diet have in common is often making their own bread. Most store-bought bread contains gluten from wheat and other grains, and the gluten-free bread is limited and doesn’t always taste great. They might be making their own sandwich bread and other bread at home, which requires the use of a loaf pan.

Food Delivery Service

You can get your Fitpreneur a membership to a delivery service that offers a gluten-free menu, or just give them a gift certificate for one so they can choose the service they prefer. This is good when the recipient has a night where they don’t want to cook and aren’t sure what to do about a gluten-free meal.

Low Carb Gifts

Putting together a gift basket with low-carb goodies is the perfect gift for a Fitpreneur who follows this type of lifestyle. The holidays can be difficult because a lot of gift baskets and stocking stuffers contain chocolate and other treats that someone on a low-carb diet is not supposed to have. 

Don’t forget to add some low-carb goodies to the basket, whether they are store-bought or homemade. Put in some beef sticks and cheese, or make them sweet treats that are also low in carbohydrates.

Fruit Preserves

When a Fitpreneur is on a low-carb diet, it is not quite as limited as some of the other diets, like paleo or keto, but it does require watching their carbohydrate intake. A good option for a treat that is low in carbs but also delicious is to provide them with some homemade fruit preserves. You just don’t want to use sugar or artificial sweetener when making it to make it healthier, but instead rely on the natural sweetness from the fruit itself. Jam and preserves is great on some low-carb biscuits, which you can also make for the basket.


If your Fitpreneur is fairly new to the low-carb diet, then they might not have everything they need in the kitchen in order to make homemade meals. You can help out by putting a large gift basket together with tools, cookware, and smaller gadgets that can be used for preparing meals. A good option is to get some smaller bakeware items and put them in the basket. The silicone bakeware is great because it is flexible, lightweight, and easy to use. If they want to make healthy low-carb donuts, a silicone donut baking pan is an excellent product for the gift basket.

Immersion Blender

Another small appliance that your low-carb Fitpreneur might like added to their gift basket is an immersion blender. This is a small, handheld blender that does a lot of the same work a blender and food processor can do. Plus, it is lightweight and very easy to travel with. If they don’t have a large kitchen and no room for a big food processor, then the immersion blender will be perfect. Think about some foods that someone on a low-carb diet might want to make, such as their own mayonnaise or salad dressing. The immersion blender is perfect for these types of things.

Paleo Friendly Gifts

When someone is on the paleo diet, it can help to give them cooking accessories, tools, and even food items that they are able to eat. One option is to put together a gift basket for them that includes items they could use and/or eat. 


Fun Cooking Tools

If your Fitpreneur is following the paleo lifestyle, they are probably doing a lot more cooking. With the paleo diet, it requires avoiding pre-packaged, processed, and fast foods, and trying to eat clean and whole foods as much as possible. This allows them to know exactly what is in their food and be sure they are sticking to the paleo lifestyle. With this comes a need for cooking tools. You can always add some fun and colorful cooking tools to their gift basket, such as the brightly-colored silicone tools that are becoming very popular.

Prepared or Homemade Treats

Since it is a holiday gift basket, they might be missing out on treats others are enjoying during the Christmas season. You can provide them with some treats you either made yourself or that you purchased. You just need to look up the rules of the paleo diet so you know which ones they can have. Many foods will now say if they are paleo-friendly, or you can find some recipes online. For example, you can prepare some candied nuts that don’t contain sugar, but are made with healthier ingredients.


Another good addition for the gift basket is a pack of seasonings. Since the paleo diet relies on a lot of meat and vegetables, try to choose some seasonings that will work for these types of meals. This might include chili seasonings, jerk chicken seasonings, or different types of Italian or spicy seasoning blends. It allows them to have blends of seasonings that work with different types of foods, whether roasting vegetables or making steak.

Selection of Nuts

A really popular snack for paleo Fitpreneurs to enjoy is nuts, provided they aren't allergic. They are allowed on this diet, healthy, high in protein, and low in fat. Nuts are also great as travel snacks, so if someone you know travels often and is also on the paleo diet, this can be perfect. Put together a nice mix of nuts, such as cashews, walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, and pecans. Most on this diet leave out regular peanuts, so decide against those.

Whole 30 Gifts

Baked Goods

The first thing you can include in a Whole30 gift basket is some type of baked goodies or treats you have prepared. Try to use a Whole30 cookbook or a website specifically for whole food recipes. This ensures the recipe you are using is completely Whole30-approved. The reason you should include a good item or treat is because when on this type of diet, the recipient might get bummed by not having a lot of treats they can enjoy. It gives them something delicious they can actually have. There are lots of alternative variations of favorites, from ‘fudge’ to whole foods cookies.


You will find a lot of excellent cookbooks for people on a whole foods diet. There are a handful of official Whole30 cookbooks, including The30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom and The Whole30 Cookbook both by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, the creators behind this diet. Then you can find cookbooks on general whole foods diet, such as 30 Day Whole Foods Cookbook by Olivia Starr. These books are all on Amazon, but you can also find books at other retailers as well.

Fitness Tracker

If you don’t mind spending a little more on the gift basket, you could always include a fitness tracker, such as a Fitbit. It doesn’t have to be this brand or this cost either; you will find a lot of excellent fitness trackers of various price ranges. Someone on the Whole30 diet might also be trying to lose weight and get healthy, so a fitness tracker is a good way for them to get started.



An item you might not have thought of for a Whole3- gift basket is a thermos. The reason this is a good idea is because in the colder months, your friend or relative probably drinks quite a bit of broth or whole foods-approved soup. They can drink it on the go with the nice thermos you include in their gift basket. You can also add in some seasonings they can use to make their soup, such as little jars of pure flake salt or smoked chili pepper.


💃🎅 Anything catch your eye to give to your favorite Fitpreneurs?