Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Reflections of 2016

I don't know about you but this year flew by fast!  So much went on around the world it's hard to think what to cover in this post....

2016 in Review



  • Group Exercise Instructor and Wellness Coach certifications
  • Soft launch of the Brand New Me Wellness Coaching Programs
  • Announcing the launch of Fit Indy Parties 
  • Hired on at the Baxter YMCA as a Wellness Coach on Wednesday nights (stop by and say hi!)
  • Purchased a tablet and laptop
  • Enjoyed Fitbloggin'
  • Walked in The Great Pumpkin Run


  • Finding the elusive first paying client (the only goal I did NOT accomplish this year)
  • Gaining back ~30 lbs
  • Making the decision to quit Beachbody since I had no clients 


Looking Ahead to 2017



For 2017 my focus is on relationships.  According to Jennifer Dunham's Happiness Quiz I crave improved relationships, with both family and friends.  There are two aspects of this for me.
  1. Heart Happiness (aka romantic love):  Greater relationship satisfaction, feeling Benny is there for me.
  2. Family/Friend Happiness:  The fundamental need to belong.
Relationships with potential and actual clients will also come into play.




I shared my main business goals on Instagram during The Recharge Challenge.

To work on these goals I could use your help.  Please share this little video clip with your networks.
Now that the presents are bought for everyone else it's time to invest in something for yourself. I'm looking for 5 women in the US aged 40-60, who are looking to kick off the new year on a journey to discover their brand new healthier selves. 

Please complete this form to schedule a Wellness Strategy Session.  Together we can find your path through exercise, healthy eating, personal development, and self care.


At my physical earlier this month my doctor said he's OK with my weight being up but my clothes are too tight.  So one of my goals is to lose the ~30 lbs I've gained back.

As you may or may not know Benny doesn't work and hasn't since he came here from Germany to marry me.  He tried to run a flea market type shop early on in the marriage but that failed miserably.  He has not tried to work or find employment since and, as far as I can tell, has no legitimate reason why.  On top of that Benny's not supportive of this whole coaching business, thinking it's a fad and not my passion/purpose, telling me I have to quit.  This has created much tension that occasionally bubbles to the surface, greatly decreasing my heart happiness.

Normally for improving heart happiness Jennifer recommends things like
  • Hug your spouse when they get home every day.
  • Go to bed together each night at the same time, even if you aren’t tired.
  • Set aside 10 minutes each day to simply sit and have a conversation with your spouse.
  • When you feel angry at your partner, practice the habit of breathing and counting to 10 before speaking. 
  • Actively replace critical comments with supportive, loving words.

Some of the things she has recommended for me:
  • Start happy every morning.  What the heck does this mean?  Starting out your day with a positive attitude sets the tone of the rest of your day.  So while you brush your teeth or shower, set your intention for the day.
  • Create a safety net.  A safety net is used so you can bounce back faster when negativity or difficult situations arise throughout your day.  I call this your “Recovery Plan”.  You can re-program negative thoughts by actively thinking ahead of time of how you will react. 
    By reacting differently to and handling the situation with your planned reaction it will deflate the situation before it turns negative. So plan ahead to all the things your hubby might say when you ask him to do something and attempt a different reaction.
  • Learn a new language.  I don’t mean that you will literally go learn German, Spanish, or Russian.  The language you need to learn is what you tell yourself.  Nine times out of ten, we tell ourselves things that just aren’t true.  We only speak them to ourselves because it’s been a habit for too long.
  • Every night, while you brush your teeth or put your PJs on, practice appreciation.  While writing down gratitude or appreciation is suggested, it’s not necessary.  So long as you make it part of your happiness practice as part of your nightly routine, you will end happy.
  • Plan 1x per month do a day trip 

Family & Friends Happiness is the necessity for people to belong and feel happy together. We don't have any local friends to hang out with since the Bible study I was involved in disbanded.  I did sign up for my first book club but am waiting to find out where it'll be held before I commit.

Examples of what to do to improve family & friends happiness:

  • Leave a note for a loved one to surprise them each week.
  • Smile and give direct eye contact when talking to your family and friends.
  • Make a habit of thanking someone with a hand written card as soon as possible after they give you a gift or do something for you.
  • Choose to stay in regular contact with your family/friends and to see them frequently. 
  • Create special traditions that involve your friends or include them in family

How was 2016 for you?  What are some of your goals for 2017?


  1. It sounds like you had a pretty good 2016 overall. But I can relate when it comes to unfinished business and wanting to really make a big impact. 2017 will be your year for paying clients, I can feel it!!

  2. Goodness, January went so quickly I didn't manage to stop by until now. My apologies and thank you for linking up!

    I love that you've set an intention for 2017 - relationships are so very important!