Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Blouse Review on This Weigh in Wednesday

I received a Custom Made Long Sleeve Belted Blouse from Suuchi for free in exchange for my honest review.  The hardest part of the ordering process was deciding which pattern to go with!  There are about 60 designs to choose from.  I ended up going with a solid blue so, besides being my favorite color, it'd go with anything I have.

When I got the blouse I felt so lost.  The belt is super long so I couldn't figure out how to make it work around my waist.  So from the beginning I had mixed feelings about this blouse.

I asked the Suuchi reps about the belt and their response was
 the belt is extra long to allow you to double tie it. Just fold it in 2 and wrap it around your waist.
That was one of the ways I tied the belt but I still didn't like how it looked on me.  Perhaps it has something to do with the aversion I've had to bows since...I can't remember when.

Because I was going to be busy in the kitchen on Christmas day I wore the Suuchi blouse to stay cooler making Benny's roulade and wrapping presents.  I only got chilly a couple of times but for the most part my sweater stayed off.  This blouse helped keep me at a comfortable temperature.

I wore the blouse for the first time outside the house yesterday.  Since it's cold outside (and I freeze at work even wearing a sweater and having my space heater going) I wore a turtleneck underneath.  My coworkers teased me about the blouse.

The first one wrapped the belt around me like something out of Star Wars.  The second one tied it on my side.  The third one said that I looked like I was a nurse.  The fourth one said it looked like I was getting ready to practice some sort of martial arts.  All women with different reactions to this blouse....

The Long Sleeve Belted Blouse looks pretty badass but I guess it's not really for me.  I will keep it in my closet and probably wear again in the summer when I need something to keep me cooler.

Holidays Past
THURSDAY I did P90X3 X3 Yoga.

FRIDAY I kept getting lightheaded and had crazy legs during Triometrics.

SATURDAY I tried the final Green Blender smoothie.  It wasn't that bad.

I did Eccentric Upper afterwards.  This workout had way too many pushups! LOL

MONDAY I did MMX.  I started reading the Group Exercise (GX) Certification study material during lunch.  Read the first two chapters during lunch - The Role of the Fitness Professional and Relationship Building & Communication Skills.

How to Win Friends and Influence People
After roughly a year Benny FINALLY decided on a new vacuum so now he can start cleaning regularly again.  He finds it therapeutic to vacuum.

Yesterday I did Decelerator.  I read chapter 3 - Behavior Modification & Motivation.

Today I did Triometrics.  Chapter 4, Introduction to Wellness Coaching, is skipped for GX but since that's where I'm going next I'll go ahead and read this one.

Are you studying anything new lately?

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

She's Got Legs

After writing out all the workouts for the week for this post it looks like a leg week instead of a leg day to me!  Wrapping up the recovery week and starting the final phase of P90X3 I guess it just fell that way.  Have you ever realized that you ended up with a leg week before?

THURSDAY I did Pilates X.

FRIDAY I did Agility X.  I ordered the Group Exercise Certification study materials with delivery to work.  Right now I still see no way to convince Benny that this is right and good, not a fad and my imagination.

SATURDAY I did Yoga X.  Smoothie wasn't bad tasting...

But Sunday's was completely gross.

Saturday I purchased a couple of outfits for my workouts at the Kroger Marketplace.  It still feels so weird to say that I'm buying non-food stuff at Kroger.

MONDAY I did Decelerator.

TUESDAY I did MMX.  I was excited when I was handed the Group Exercise Certification study materials at work, delivered by UPS.  I can't wait to start on this next week!

TODAY I did Eccentric Lower.  Leg day + slow snow traffic = great!  Seriously my legs didn't cramp up with all the stop and go traffic.

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Monday, January 18, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: What Teens Want You to Know

We don't understand a lot of what goes through Austin's head. I'm not sure he does either.  So when I saw this book I signed up to review it.  I haven't had the opportunity to devote time to reading this book like I wanted to but there's a lot of information to absorb.  I received What Teens Want You to Know for free in exchange for my honest review.

What Teens Want You to Know (but won't tell you) is full of anecdotes from teens, parents, ministers, and educators, including actual dialogs.  To protect the doctor-patient confidentiality the names and other identifiable data have been modified.  There are practical suggestions, questions to reflect upon, prayers, and Bible verses pertaining to the topics of each chapter.

Oops, forgot YOU!

Some things I've learned from reading What Teens Want You to Know:
  • No matter what they do or say your teen DOES want to have a relationship with you.
  • If you invest the time to LISTEN to your teen you'll earn the right to be heard by him.
  • Your teen's foundation for healthy self-love and respect starts with the way WE perceive them.
  • There are four types of resistance - intellectual (i.e. different POV), emotional (from a previous experience of disappointment), physical (i.e. touching, creating, destroying), and spiritual (sin).
  • Resistance occurs between you AND your teen, not your teen alone.
  • Being right is a need of the ego.
  • The questions your teen asks aren't always what they're wanting answered as there's often a deeper question they have.
  • Teens are disillusioned on several levels - society, parents, peers, themselves, and God.  They are feeling the disenchantment not apathy, as we perceive.
Each person that reads this book will have different takeaways.  If you don't have a Christian background you may have difficulties reading this book with all the scriptural references.  If you're not Catholic (I was raised Southern Baptist) there are other parts that may go over your head.  Overall there's a lot of potential to learn about both yourself and your teen from reading What Teens Want You to Know.

To pick up your own copy to see if this book will help the relationship between you and your teen hop on over to Amazon.

What can we offer teens that they cannot Google?

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Weigh in Wednesday

When I got home Wednesday I heard the voicemail that my glasses were ready.  I flew down to Greenwood to pick them up and posted this picture on Facebook that night.  Nobody said they preferred B!  I thought it was funny since A was the first pair I selected, while waiting for my exam.

Thursday I received a smoothie box from Green Blender to review, being a fellow Fitfluential Ambassador.  I made two of them over the weekend.  I'm loving the exploration of fruits, veggies, and superfoods I've never had before!  I made Austin look up things (like how to cut the persimmon LOL) to have him involved.

*About Green Blender & How It Started*

I started Green Blender because I wanted to help people create healthy habits in their life. I often find that when we decide to make a health change two things happen: 1. We get immediately overwhelmed with choices (i.e., should I go paleo, do I cut out all grain/dairy, what about quinoa,
etc.) and 2. We start moving towards extremes (i.e., I have to go raw vegan tomorrow, I can't have ice cream ever)

This diet path can get overwhelming, lead to deprivation and may not see long lasting results. As you know (your blog attests to this), living a healthy lifestyle starts with building healthy habits and not extreme dieting. Green Blender is all about setting our members up for long term success by helping them start their day with a healthy decision.

Green Blender is a smoothie delivery service. Every week, our members receive all the pre-portioned ingredients and superfoods to make smoothies at home.

Jenna Tanenbaum, Founder

I can't wait to try the three other recipes I received!  Should you want to sign up to receive your own smoothie subscription box visit Green Blender and enter the code cassandra to receive a 20% discount.

Monday night I finally showed Benny my goals post.  He basically said it's stupid to pursue the certification because it's like the Beachbody business never took off.  Has anyone had to deal with their spouse being against their passions?  How do I go about registering for everything and showing him that this won't also be a flop without pissing him off?

While we were talking Benny said that he is ready to quit smoking!  He said that he can feel it affecting his heart.  What he used to do while smoking he hasn't done since coming to the US (smoking inside the house while doing certain activities) so he has no real enjoyment from smoking anymore.  I recommended that he take Chantix since that's the program I know people who've used.  I messaged his doctor so he can be ready to discuss Benny's options for smoking cessation.  Did you know that it's considered preventative care so most smoking cessation programs are free with your insurance?  We'll try any program they allow to get Benny to quit smoking!

THURSDAY I burned my way through P90X3 MMX.

FRIDAY I played with my weights for Incinerator.

SATURDAY I wrapped up week 7 with CVX, using a 3 lb dumbbell.

MONDAY I did Isometrix.

Yesterday I continued stretching with Dynamix.

Today I did some cardio with Accelerator.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happiness in a Jar

How has 2016 been for you so far?  Been a little weird with the trip to Ohio falling on the 1st itself and just lasting the weekend.

I did pick out my happiness jar just before we left but have yet to decorate it.  I'd say it's 18-24" tall and about 4" in diameter.  I never counted the sides so I don't know if it's considered an octagon or something else.  I got a few books on happiness at the library too (after discovering the happiness section under self-help on Amazon).

Last night's weigh in I wasn't surprised that I was up 6.8 lbs with all the goings on this year with the holidays and work things that I can't discuss publically.  Basically December was a stressful month and deciding to take the last week of the year as a staycation was so worth it!

December 24th I did P90X3 MMX before we headed out to fight last minute shopping.  Surprisingly it wasn't so bad this year.

December 25th I was busy making the roulade and wrapping presents so I didn't get in a workout.

December 26th I did Incenerator.

December 27th was going to be a makeup day but Austin didn't want me to workout so I had to do a doubler on Monday.

December 28th I doubled up with CVX then Triometrics.  If it weren't for my lightheadedness it wouldn't have been so tough.  In the afternoon I went to America's Best for my eye exam and glasses.  I'm waiting anxiously for them to call to say they're ready for me to pick them up!

December 29th I did The Warrior.

December 30th I was just so exhausted and didn't get out of bed until after 11A so I made it another rest day.

December 31st I did Incenerator so I wouldn't have to bring my weights with me to Ohio.  I went to Great Clips and had about 4" cut off my hair.

January 1st we were busy making final preparations before heading out (later than I wanted to because of Benny refusing to leave early).  He drove 100mph on I-70 almost the whole time!

January 2nd I did CVX at my grandparents' house using a basketball.

January 3rd Benny said to not workout before heading back home.  I moved all three missed days so far to a makeup week on my schedule.

Monday I did Triometrics.

Yesterday I did The Warrior.

Today I did X3 Yoga.

Have you made any progress on your goals this week?

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Dream It Real 2016


Looking back at the goals I set for 2015 I feel that the only thing I accomplished was maintaining weight, and that was a struggle with all the health issues that decided to pop up over the year.

This year I've decided to try out Monica at The Yogi Movement's template for setting my 2016 goals.

Here are some highlights of things I accomplished this year:
  1. I maintained my goal weight by continuing as I have been.  I ate a little more, allowed a little more splurges, committed to at least one rest day a week, and switched the focus of my workouts more to strength training than cardio.
  2. I walked my first two 5Ks this year (weather prevented the 3rd).  I now have no problem walking this distance during my lunch break if there's nothing to pick up at the farmer's market.
  3. I had the hysteroscopy with polypectomy (my first surgery) with no issues or need for post-op medications.

What's not working?  What do I need to let go?

Here are a couple of things that are holding me back from living my dream:
  1. Too much time online and not getting ANY customers.  I had no sales whatsoever in Beachbody products this year.
  2. Not enough self-care. My nightly reading isn't enough. I need to get out in public and do more things like those TORC treatments Benny and I did.
  3. Not remembering my accomplishments.  You'd think this would be an easy task. For some reason I just can't recall much.

Where should I focus my goals for 2016?  Ranking the areas from 1-10 (1=worst, 10=best) on whether or not I'm happy where things are currently:

Physical Health     9

Mental Wellbeing     7

Environment     3

Finances     5

Family & Friends     3

Husband     3

Career/Purpose     5

Growth/Continuing Education     5

Pure Joy/Hobbies     3

Spirituality     3

Goal #1:  Group Exercise Certification by 31 March

To accomplish the goal of earning my Group Exercise Certification from NETA by the end of March I need to:
  • Convince Benny that this is the best route for me. He's not convinced but OK with the expense.
  • Contact NETA to obtain the authorization to take the Group Exercise Instructor exam at a Comira testing center and pay the $239 fee. - called 2/22, received paperwork 2/27.
  • Purchase study materials (pick one)
    • Basic Group Exercise Package $79 (manual & workbook)
    • Premier Group Exercise Package $129 (manual, workbook, practical skills, education department support, & $10 voucher for CECs) - ordered 1/15, received 1/19
  • Contact Comira to schedule the test at a time that's convenient. - scheduled 3/7 for the 29th
  • Pass the exam. - DID IT!
  • Go through CPR certification. - Scheduled 4/4 for the 21st DONE (waiting on card to be mailed)
This goal feels like Neil Armstrong taking that step onto the moon - "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

Goal #2:  Wellness Coaching Certification by 30 June

To accomplish the goal of earning my Wellness Coaching Specialty Certification from NETA by the end of June I need to:
  • Accomplish goal #1.
  • Contact NETA to obtain the authorization to take the Wellness Specialty Coaching exam at a Comira testing center and pay the $329 fee.
  • Purchase study materials
    • Keep manual from goal #1.
    • Gavin, J. & McGready, M. Lifestyle Wellness Coaching $69
    • Clifford, D. & Curtis, L.  Motivational Interviewing in Nutrition and Wellness $30 - Recommended not required but on my wishlist for the Nutrition & Fitness portion not covered by the book below.
    • Miller, W. & Rollnick, S.  Motivational Interviewing:  Helping People Change $65 - Ordered from Amazon, saving ~$17
    • Practice Exam $10
  • Contact Comira to schedule the test.
  • Pass the exam.
This goal will make me feel ready to step into coaching for profit instead of doing everything pro bono.

Goal #3:  Attend and Enjoy FitBloggin'

To attend my first blogging conference - FitBloggin' (since it's here in Indy) in July.  Because I bought my pass before the end of the year I saved 50% from being a SweatPink Ambassador!

This goal will make me feel knowledgeable and hopefully also come away with new friendships for regular meet-ups that I have wanted for quite some time.

 Goal #4:  Purchase a Laptop by 30 June

Since my laptop is on it's last leg I need to purchase a new one.  To buy one by the end of June I need to:
  • Save ideas to an Amazon wishlist.
  • Set a budget.
  • Research and determine all my must have features.
  • Decide if I want just a laptop, a 2-in-1, or a separate laptop and tablet (leaning more towards this option to use the tablet for personal and laptop for business). - Got the tablet already but no laptop yet.
  • Order it!

Goal #5:  Start Earning Money from Coaching by 31 December

To start earning money by the end of the year I need to:
  • Develop and price fee-based packages.
  • Add this information to the website and various online profiles.
  • Promote my services across social media.
  • Promote the free Brand New Me Facebook community as a part of my services.
  • Set a goal income figure for coaching.

Goal #6: Living My Word of the Year

I've never gone along with choosing a word before so this will be an experiment.

I'm finding that one time I find something makes me happy then the next time I experience it I feel something other than happy. This makes me question whether or not the previous experience truly brought me happiness.

To live my word of the year I'm going to:
  • Make a happiness "jar" to record the good stuff happening in my life. The ones I saw on Pinterest were for a daily record but I think that would be too stressful for me. I'll do weekly sheets and note what happened.
  • Read books focusing on happiness. There's actually a Self-Help category on Amazon for this so it'll be easier to discover the right books for me - Discovering Your Happy.

How was your 2015? What are you looking forward to in 2016?