Wednesday, January 20, 2016

She's Got Legs

After writing out all the workouts for the week for this post it looks like a leg week instead of a leg day to me!  Wrapping up the recovery week and starting the final phase of P90X3 I guess it just fell that way.  Have you ever realized that you ended up with a leg week before?

THURSDAY I did Pilates X.

FRIDAY I did Agility X.  I ordered the Group Exercise Certification study materials with delivery to work.  Right now I still see no way to convince Benny that this is right and good, not a fad and my imagination.

SATURDAY I did Yoga X.  Smoothie wasn't bad tasting...

But Sunday's was completely gross.

Saturday I purchased a couple of outfits for my workouts at the Kroger Marketplace.  It still feels so weird to say that I'm buying non-food stuff at Kroger.

MONDAY I did Decelerator.

TUESDAY I did MMX.  I was excited when I was handed the Group Exercise Certification study materials at work, delivered by UPS.  I can't wait to start on this next week!

TODAY I did Eccentric Lower.  Leg day + slow snow traffic = great!  Seriously my legs didn't cramp up with all the stop and go traffic.

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  2. I loved Eccentric Lower! It's Tony. He just keeps my motivated to push harder.

    Thanks for sharing with friends at Living a Life of Fitness Health & Happiness. Have an awesome weekend!

  3. That ginger twist just looks gross. Thanks for sharing.

  4. That ginger detox twist DOES look super gross! >:-P All of your workouts have an "X." What does that mean? Is it part of your P90X extreme (I forget the actual name) program?