Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I Passed!

I'd been so nervous about taking the Group Exercise Instructor exam that I could've psyched myself out.  This was my first exam since 2005 so I hadn't a clue how to study or anything.  I think that's funny because I never had a problem before!

I arrived at the IvyTech campus on the south side of the beautiful Fort Harrison yesterday afternoon.  I hadn't been up there in years so I'd forgotten how peaceful it was.  The room numbers were a little weird walking down the hall (with completely empty/stripped rooms on the way).  I found the testing room and got all checked in.  They have you do a practice test to accommodate yourself with the program.  Man, those questions were hard since they were on completely random topics and I knew nothing about several of them!

You're allotted 2 hours to take the exam from the time you click the button to start.  The timer ticked away in the top left of the screen; that was a bit distracting to me.  You could mark the questions you weren't sure about and go back at any time.  I completed all 120 questions in just under an hour.  When I got back out to the car I shared a picture of the exam passed letter across social media.

I was strongest in domains 3 & 4 which I think is very appropriate for Wellness Coaching since I'm not planning on actually teaching any fitness classes.  Coaches need to be strong in engagement and leadership of their clients and be savvy in all the administrative and legal stuff.  Next up is getting my CPR certification before they'll send me the actual GEX certificate.  The Red Cross offers the classes with exam several times a month so I can schedule that any time.

Have you ever surprised yourself on an exam?

THURSDAY I did Jillian Michael's Body Revolution Phase 2 Workout 5.

FRIDAY I did Yoga with Adriane Yoga Camp Day 4 - I Awaken.

SATURDAY I did Phase 2 Workout 6.

MONDAY I did Yoga Camp Day 5 - I Am Alive.  I was alive with anticipation for the GEX exam.

YESTERDAY I did Phase 2 Workout 7.

When I went to Weight Watchers last night I had to pay for the first time EVER.  I was the same weight as the beginning of the month but over the system goal weight of 150 lbs.  I see no way that I'm going to lose 4.6 lbs over the next week to prevent me from having to pay another $15 next week so I might not be returning for a while.  I was on a high from passing the exam that I didn't tell anyone this at the meeting.

TODAY I did Cardio 2.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cat Scratches and a Broken Shower

THURSDAY I did Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Phase 1 Workout 2.  I'd gone to bed forgetting to set the alarm.  Benny woke me up at 6:30A and I still got it done!  On top of that I was scratched up by the cat.  She was asleep next to me on the couch Wednesday and I moved to get up.  She must've been sound asleep and my movement scared the crap out of her.  She clawed my finger, arm, and bottom lip.  Where the scratch was on my finger made it difficult to grip things.

FRIDAY I had one of my sinus pressure/headache combos so I didn't workout.  These times don't go well with Jillian.

SATURDAY I did Phase 1 Workout 3.  This day marks the beginning of the 3rd year of my journey.

MONDAY I was still sleepy so I did some Yoga with Adriene.

I tried to take a shower but the water pressure wasn't there.  Benny checked the sink in our bathroom and the shower and sink in the other bathroom, all were normal.  So we determined it's the diverter (the thing that mixes the hot & cold).  I called the home warranty company so we could get our plumber in to fix it.  The plumber said it'd be $300 to make the repairs ($50 deductible & $250 for the work).

YESTERDAY was a big leg day with Phase 1 Workout 4.  I remember when I first did surrenders; I was sore for days afterwards.  This morning my legs were still feeling the surrenders but they weren't sore!

Benny had to move everything away from the wall in the living room so the plumbers would have access to the shower.

TODAY I did Cardio 2.  I feel so much slower than what Jillian does (besides not doing much plyo) but it works for me.

The plumber arrived around noon and were finished in two hours.  They left to take care of another client and will return later today to patch the drywall.  Friday they'll be back to sand and paint.

Tuesday is the big day - the Group Exercise Certification Exam.  I'm getting nervous!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Brand New ME Upper Body Workout

THURSDAY I did Yoga with Adriene's Yoga Tone - Yoga for Weight Loss session.

FRIDAY was Kelly Coffey-Meyer's Lift in Full Throttle Olympic Lifting.  Austin was dropped off as normal; it was like the ex's blow up (in front of him) never happened.  Will see what the future holds.

SATURDAY I mixed it up trying to do my own thing.  I picked some exercises from this upper body workout I created for one of the ladies in my fitness community.  It took me about an hour to get through only 8 because I had to change the weight plates on my adjustable dumbbells.  Instead of the groups as listed I jumbled them up and picked the 8 and did them as a drop set.

I've been playing with the Personal Trainer Plan App to play with creating strength training workouts.  It's in Beta testing so there's a lot of kinks to be worked out.  I couldn't get the sets to work or the print out to come out right so I put it all in Canva to make the image.  How does my first workout look?  Please try it out and let me know what you think!

SUNDAY I started studying for the GEX exam.  OMG I don't remember how to study!  I have no clue how to review this material to be able to remember it all.  Any pointers?

The ex picked up Austin like the annoying boyfriend, sitting in the driveway honking.  That'll get old fast so I may have to say something about it.

MONDAY I did Jillian Michaels' Body Revolution Cardio 1 workout.

The two Momentum Jewelry wraps arrived for me to give away to two people who're needing that little boost of inspiration.  I haven't decided how I'll give them away yet but I'm ready to help #ShareTheSpark!  If you'd like to pick up your own wrap visit their website and enter the code FFspark15 to save 15% off your order through the end of May.

YESTERDAY I did Body Revolution Phase 1 Workout 1.

TODAY I woke up tired and Benny could see it so I went with Yoga Day Camp Day 3 - I Embrace.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Cincinnati, Custody Issues, and Certification, OH MY!

THURSDAY I did Jillian Michaels' Killer Body Lower Body workout.  That afternoon I finally decided on fitness goals for the year.

FRIDAY I did Killer Buns & Thighs Level 1 again.  With 2 leg days in a row I thought it would be a problem but it wasn't!

SATURDAY we picked up a Volvo from Enterprise and drove to the West Chester, OH (AKA Cincinnati), IKEA store to check out some shelving for the front room (where I workout).  We went with the intention to get one line but Benny decided on another line.  It looks like this but one of the doors is wood not glass.  Ordering the setup online is actually cheaper for shipping than having the store ship.  So Benny has to finalize how many we need and get them ordered.  I wanted to stop by Jungle Jim's afterwards but we were exhausted so we headed home.

SUNDAY I did Amy Bento-Ross' Drop Set Strength workout, the chest, back, and shoulder portions.

When my ex picked up Austin, Benny was trying to find out why he wasn't signing the IEP.  My ex got pissed off and stormed out saying that he might not be letting Austin come back to my house again.  Does anyone have any experience with custody modification involving a teenager?  Please email me and let me know your story as we may have to go this route.

MONDAY I woke up sore in my shoulders and upper back so I did one of the Yoga with Adriane videos.  This one happened to go with the #ChooseSelfLove concept.

My ex texted me on his lunch break saying he was leaving it up to Austin whether or not he's coming over and that Benny has no right telling my ex what to do in regards to Austin, especially since he's not working.  My coworker said to not respond to that so my response is only where he won't see them (i.e. private online groups and this blog).  I have a feeling that Austin may say he doesn't want to come over because we don't have the gaming systems to play with.

I have scheduled my Group Exercise Certification Exam for March 29th at 1:30 pm!

YESTERDAY I did the biceps, triceps, and core portion of Amy's DVD.

TODAY I did the legs portion.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Weighing in with Some Muffins

I remember posting this picture when the muffin pan arrived at the beginning of February with a note wondering what I'd make for Valentine's Day.  I have scoured my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts but just can't find that post anywhere!  Has it been lost in cyberspace or have I lost my mind?  I received the Premium 12-Cup Silicone Muffin & Cupcake Baking Pan for free in exchange for my honest review.  The set comes with the pan, liners, spatula, and brush.

Because Austin hung out at his friend's house Valentine's weekend I didn't bake anything.  The following weekend I made German Chocolate cupcakes (no icing because Benny didn't want it) using applesauce instead of vegetable oil.  The cake mix box didn't have any instructions as to how long to bake the cupcakes for using silicon, only glass or metal.  So I had to guess.  Two batches were made since the box says 24 cupcakes, with Dove dark chocolate hearts in the second batch.

Funny Looking German Chocolate Cupcakes
The cupcakes were super moist but I still don't know if I baked them enough.  They passed the toothpick test so I assumed they were done.  They remained super moist, enough so the bottoms molded through the bottom of the liner paper onto the cupcakes.  We had to throw the rest away last weekend.  That was different since Austin's birthday cake lasts for weeks.

What I liked about using a silicone pan is that the cupcakes didn't burn!  In the metal pans when I'd use a liner whatever I'd make would be over baked, slightly burning all along the paper.  So I had to switch to using the flour baking spray whenever I made anything.  I'd love to continue with silicone so I can use those cute liners again and to see if everything comes out moist once I figure out the bake time difference.

Should you want to experience the joys of baking with the Premium 12-Cup Silicone Muffin & Cupcake Baking Pan you can pick one up on Amazon.

THURSDAY I did Kelly Coffey-Meyer's Split Sessions Lower Body Workout.  I started reading through the GEX practical skills booklet.

FRIDAY I completed the final P90X3 makeup session with Dynamix.  I read more of the practical skills.

SATURDAY I did Split Sessions Full Body Timesaver.

MONDAY I started a Killer week to March in like a lion with Jillian Michaels Killer Buns & Thighs Level 1.  I answered the test questions from the practical skills booklet.

YESTERDAY I did Killer Body Upper Body, sticking with the 8 lb dumbbells.  Benny asked to see the GEX materials but I don't think he looked at anything after I went to bed as they were still sitting where I left them on the table when I left this morning.

I weighed in last night up 7.2 lbs, back up to 156.6 lbs.  I don't think this is all muscle so I'm going to have to go back to tracking my food again to see what's going on.  Besides all the gassiness (which only seems to happen at home so I don't know what's up with that either) my pants are tighter at my hips and thighs.

TODAY I did Killer Body Core.  The core-focused workouts I've done before were 15 minutes max.  This was different working my core for 30 minutes.  Right now I'm not feeling it but my arms are aching a bit from yesterday.  What's your longest core-focused workout?

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