Wednesday, March 25, 2015

GoReIn2015 Q1 Update

I'm up a little this week but TOM is in town so it's to be expected.  Two weeks until I have my next official weigh in!

Week of Workouts

This week was ALL Kelly Coffey-Meyer's 30 Minutes to Fitness workouts.

Thursday I did Muscle Definition Workout 1.

Friday was the Train Like a Contender Conditioning workout.

Saturday I did the Muscle Definition Shoulders, Biceps, & Triceps pre-mix.

Monday was the Circuit Burn Total Circuit Burn Mix.

Yesterday was more Muscle Definition with the Back & Chest pre-mix, which I attempted the second round on the stability ball.

Today was the Circuit Burn Boxing & Legs pre-mix.

My First Race

Course Map found at

Saturday is the big day!  I wanted to walk this week but it's been so cold and rainy I just couldn't.  The weather for Saturday doesn't look promising temperature wise either.  Benny's been sick so I'm not asking him to sit out in the cold but maybe Austin will be there to cheer me on.  Nobody's contacted me yet so I guess I'm supposed to be there about 8:30....'s Forecast

GoReIn2015 Q1 Update

I listed my goals for 2015 in the last post of 2014.  It looks like I haven't made much progress this first quarter but I still have the rest of the year!

#9 I believe that improving my overall health and wellness includes testing my hormones.  My GYN doesn't seem to think that I have hormonal issues seeing that I have regular and "normal" menses.  Hormones are one area that can affect sleep and none of the doctors I saw and ran the sleep studies discussed this.  One of the BODYpeace babes suggested seeing a Functional Medicine doctor but they aren't fully covered by my insurance so that's not an option for me with our high deductible.  We'll see what happens at my annual visit on Tuesday.

#10 I've decided that BODYpeace is the primary theme of my personal development this year.  Before I started this journey I didn't care about my body or what I looked like.  Now that I've hit goal I'm struggling with acceptance, especially with the loose skin and lack of boobs (they just don't look like boobs anymore).  So I'm concentrating my efforts on this topic (BODYpeace not boobs in case you're confused LOL).

#11 I'm doing well on maintaining my weight.  I tend to step on the scale daily to see what it says before working out but forget what it says before I even leave for work.

How are you doing on your goals for the year?

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Workouts and New Equipment

Week of Workouts

Thursday I took a rest day.

Friday I did Kelly Coffey-Meyer's 30 Minutes to Fitness Circuit Burn Workout 2.

Saturday was time for some more lifting with Kelly's Lift in Full Throttle Olympic Lifting workout.

Sunday I did some Tai Chi with Scott Cole.

Monday I did Stephanie Vitorino's Body Target 60 - Total Target 30.

Yesterday was more lifting with Kelly's Lift in Full Throttle Powersculpting workout.

This morning I tried Kelly's Healthy Back workout.  It was a little slow for me and that's odd for her workouts.  The ones I haven't liked were too fast for me! LOL

A Workout Schedule

Since I'm not currently doing any program I've been trying to figure out some kind of schedule to follow.  It just doesn't feel right totally randomly selecting a workout each day.

I've decided that I'll do some kind of weight lifting workout on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  That gives me 40 minutes to lift on Tuesday/Thursday and as much as I feel like on Saturday.  Wednesday and Friday I'll do cardio.  Sunday will be yoga or Tai Chi.  Monday is open for a rest day or more cardio, depending upon how I feel.

What does your workout schedule look like?

$100 at Amazon

I was the grand prize winner on Fitfluential's Twitter chat for International Women's Day so I had been trying to figure out what to get.  I didn't spend it all so I have some for later.  So what did I get?

I got these dumbbells so I can have heavier weights to work with for lifting.  This one is supposed to be delivered today by UPS.  Perfect timing for lifting tomorrow!

I knew I wanted a stability ball to do some different exercises but couldn't decide which one.  I ended up with this pretty blue thing.  As I've never used one before this will be an experience in itself LOL

I want to go through a second round of BODYpeace and hold the actual book in my hand while doing it.  There's always a different mood, temperament, feeling, etc. when using an actual book as opposed to a digital copy.  Will see how things differ.  Who wants to go on this discovery journey with me and be accountability partners or set up a group on Facebook/Google+?  I plan to stretch it out more than the 30 days so I can have plenty of time to think, reflect, and respond.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Time for a New HRM?

Week of Workouts

Thursday I did the 21 Day Fix Upper Fix as my legs were sore from the two days of squats with Kelly's workouts.

Friday I did Jillian's Shred-It with Weights Level 2.

Saturday I did Jillian's Extreme Shed & Shred Level 1.

Sunday I took a little break and did Scott Cole's Yoga Tai Chi.

I continued the break Monday and did the 21 Day Fix Pilates Fix.

Yesterday, to let out some frustration, I did Kelly Coffey-Meyer's 30 Minutes to Fitness Train Like a Contender Boxing workout.

Today I did the Body for Life for Women workout.

Time for a New HRM?

More and more often the HRM is dying during my workouts so I don't know how much I'm burning.  I'd replaced the battery on the watch portion a couple of months ago but never the sensor.  I went ahead and replaced that battery and it appeared to work the first day.  But ever since it's not reading me.  At the advise of fellow bloggers I contacted Polar via chat to figure out what to do.  Were you aware that when replacing a battery you should let the device sit 10 minutes without one before putting in the new battery?

So I need to get the serial numbers off the watch and sensor to complete the form so that I can ship them along with the strap to the service center for evaluation. Has anyone dealt with Polar's NY warranty service center before and can tell me how long it usually takes?

BODYpeace Series and a Giveaway

I will be coordinating a giveaway with Suzanne of Healthy Ever Afters for some doTERRA essential oils.  I had hoped this would be a close to the month and go along with the BODYpeace series but I haven't had anyone sign up to guest post.  So I'm going to have to re-evaluate what I want to do with the series.

For the giveaway we can do it one of two ways - just a regular one using GiveawayTools as I've done before or as a custom, interactive class that Suzanne would run with door prizes of the oils.  The class sounds more interesting and beneficial to everyone.  Which would you like to see?

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My First Races

Last night was my first Lifetime weigh in.  I was up .8 lbs from 2 weeks ago but still in my lil window so I'm happy.  Now we'll see how I do after a month....
My First Races!

At the library Tuesday on the way to Weight Watchers I spotted this card.  I stuck it in my purse to look at it later.  Wednesday I looked up the races on Eventbrite and told Benny I wanted to walk them.  After all it's only about a mile longer than I walked almost every week to the farmer's market!  Thursday I signed up for the series!  Now, I wonder if I'll have anyone to walk with.....

Englewood Race for Roofs - March 28th

Brookside Bash Color Dash - May 16th (Benny's birthday)

Arsenal Tech 5K Run & Walk - September 19th

What did I get myself into? LOL

Week of Workouts

Thursday I did Stephanie Vitorino's Body Target 60.

Friday I did Jillian Michael's Shred-It with Weights Level 2.

Saturday was Jillian Michael's No More Trouble Zones.

Once I saw snow in the forecast I knew it'd be another shoveling day Sunday.  We had about 7 inches this time around and, just as I'd predicted, it took about 3 hours to do.  Austin didn't help but played outside (i.e. throwing snowballs at me, having me bury him in one of the piles, digging a tunnel in another pile, etc.).  Benny showed up for about the last hour.  He had to go back and fix what he did as he narrowed the driveway about 2ft on each side.  I need all the driveway I can get to back out each morning! LOL

Monday I was worn out from all that shoveling so I rested.

Yesterday I did Kelly Coffey-Meyer's 30 Minutes to Fitness Lift in Full Throttle Olympic Lifting.

Today I did the other workout on Kelly's DVD - Powersculpting.

Don't forget to sign up to guest post for the BODYpeace series!

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