Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Gallbladder Strikes Back

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Thursday morning about 2AM I had another gallbladder attack.  This one was a doozy, lasting all day!  It didn't start out the way the others did so I wasn't sure of what it was at first.  I vomited a lot more this time around.  Thankfully no recurrences in the every other day pattern the last round held.

I was freezing most of the day (thermometer kept reading my temp under 97F) so after the bathroom portion of the attack was over I went to the front room and lay on the recliner in the sun under a blanket.  Eventually I warmed up but I never slept more than 30 minutes at a time.  I was fighting with Netflix because it didn't want me to see anything (the annoying error message saying that it couldn't display the title at that time on everything I tried to watch).  I drank water off and on while I lay there.

I finally started getting hungry late afternoon.  I begrudgingly ate a piece of flatbread....tasted gross and made me nauseous.  At dinner time I ate about 1/4 cup of potatoes but that also made me nauseous.  I went to work Friday and ate some bacon and sliced turkey throughout the day.

Saturday morning I made a smoothie but couldn't finish it by the time we left for the State Fair (about 3:30 pm).  We strolled around the fairgrounds and occasionally sat down when Benny needed to rest for a bit.  Normally I'd stand or pace in front of him but I sat down each time.

I made sure we popped into the Lego area for Austin before it closed.  While he built a Mayan pyramid I walked around the pavilion, checking out the rest of the exhibits.
My Favorite Cancreation
I wasn't able to eat a full meal until Sunday night but it tasted gross.

Saturday I also found out that they cancelled the Indy Cooking Expo for some reason.  No explanation just an email that Cumulus had cancelled the event.  Not sure what that's about.

Weigh-in Wednesday!

Yesterday I worked out for the first time since the gallbladder attack.  I did Episode 2 Adventure 2.  More reps on this workout than the one I did this week so I didn't want to push it.  I got 4 sets in with about 1:30 to go.  It felt good to do something!

I weighed in last night down .6 lbs so I'm back in the goal widow.

Today I'll be walking during lunch.  Last week I hit 3 miles, the farthest I've walked during work.  How far will I go today?

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Super Heroine Fitness Week 4

I weighed in last night down .8 lbs, just .2 lbs above the goal window.

I received the Exspiral Veggie Spiralizer for free in exchange for my honest review.  When Benny saw the package he wondered why I had something German. LOL  I've been playing around with spiralizing squash and zucchini.
Messy leftovers
I didn't realize there would be such a mess to clean up afterwards.  So glad they provide the cleaner brush to get in the tight spaces!  The lid you're supposed to put on the end of the veggie you're spiralizing when you near the end of the item.  I tried that and it just squished it more.  It did not help in spiralizing the end piece.
End piece after spiralizing
I've heard from others that it's not uncommon to have the end piece after spiralizing with some spiralizers.  It was suggested to just chop it up and that's what I did.

Ready to toss the Zoodles & Squoodles
I enjoyed spiralizing the zucchini and squash but I haven't been creative with using the zoodles and squoodles (is that what the squash is called?).

Zoodles & Chicken leftovers for lunch at work

Weigh-in Wednesday!

THURSDAY I did Adventure 3.

SATURDAY I wrapped up Episode 1 with Adventure 4.

SUNDAY I explored Episode 2 to see what I could do and what needed swapped.  I think I'm going to get hurt on Adventure 3 with the Stability Ball Leg Curls!  That ball won't stay still even on the carpet.  This next phase will be totally different doing AMRAP in 25 minutes!

MONDAY I did a cardio workout from

TUESDAY I started Episode 2 with Adventure 1.  Now the guide says you complete 3-4 circuits on average.  I think I either went too light (8 & 10 lb dumbbells) or too fast because I knocked out 6 circuits and still had just under a minute left.  I didn't want to start a 7th circuit.  Take a look at the exercises (linked in Sunday above) and let me know in the comments how many circuits you think you'd do on average.

Today there are storms in the forecast off and on all day so I'm not sure if I'll get a walk in.

Saturday we're going to the Indiana State Fair.  We haven't gone in several years so it'll be a new experience for us.  Benny and I went to the media preview event on the 5th and we saw so many changes!  I spotted on the map a Lactation Station...and it's in front of the Public Safety Center.  Multiple Designated Smoking Areas but only one single "safe place" for women to breastfeed?  I found that odd.  Is this the new norm?

Speaking of the Fairgrounds, if you are planning to be in the area late September be sure to enter the giveaway for tickets to the Indy Cooking Expo as it ends Saturday!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Super Heroine Fitness Week 3

I weighed in last night down 1.4 lbs but that still left me 1 lb above the goal window.  The receptionist suggested having them change the goal weight in the system so I won't end up being charged.  Something else to think about...

I've partnered again with U by Kotex® this month to #BringComfyBack.  I've always been uncomfortable during all stages of my TOM.  This feeling currently drains me and strips me of my confidence for half of each month.  I hope this upcoming polyp removal will significantly reduce the time I feel down.  When I first start showing signs for the next TOM (i.e. extreme exhaustion and/or break outs) I plan to start using the U By Kotex® Lightdays® Liners to try and win back some of that confidence.  You can snag your own free sample of the Curves® and Lightdays® Liners by visiting

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Weigh-in Wednesday!

THURSDAY I did Adventure 4.

FRIDAY I did a stretching, Pilates, yoga workout blend from

SATURDAY I did began the last week of Episode 1 with Adventure 1.

MONDAY I did a butt and abs tabata workout from

TUESDAY I did Adventure 2.  I felt so weak doing the Push Press with the 15 lb dumbbells.  I just can't go that heavy doing this complex I guess.

I still have too much in my fridge to buy more veggies at the farmer's market but I am taking my walk this afternoon.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Inner Mean Girls Cost Me a Lot

After taking the quiz some months ago to find out who my Inner Mean Girls are I bought Christine and Amy's book in March.  However, I didn't sit down and start reading it until recently.  I'm only on the beginning of the second step but I can kind of start seeing a common thread of what my Inner Mean Girls are costing me.

Christine and Amy classify 13 types of Inner Mean Girls, each with their own unique characteristics.  Those types where you score 21 points or higher are your core Inner Mean Girls.

First up is the Invincible Superwoman.  She has me carrying the world on my shoulders and starves me from joy.  She lies to me to keep pushing through no matter what and tells me it'll take too long to show someone else how to do something so I have to do it all myself.

The middle two had the same score on the quiz.  One was obvious to me and the other shocked me.

I've always felt like a Fixer and Rescuer - over-caring, sacrificing self to care for others (never to the point of someone like Mother Teresa though), and over-empathizing, feeling others' pain.  She lies to me telling me that I have to help because nobody else will.

I was shocked to discover that I have an Achievement Junkie as an Inner Mean Girl.  She discounts and doesn't acknowledge my achievements.   She makes me overfocus on the future and seek external validation.  She lies to me telling me that I must work hard and drive myself hard to succeed.

The final dominant Inner Mean Girl is the Worrywart in me is always creating catastrophic situations and stories in my mind and causes me to obsessively think about these worst-case scenarios and hypothetical situations.  She lies to me telling me that life's hard and I have to get used to it or has me thinking (when things are good) that disaster is around the corner.

Do we share any of the same types of Inner Mean Girls?

I feel that my Inner Mean Girls drive me to
  • Act like a victim, feeling sorry for myself.
  • Make others, or myself, wrong (the blame game).
  • Adopt an image to fit a situation or relationship, selling out my true self.
  • Try to fix others, allowing my emotions to be overcome by others' emotions.
  • Whine and make everything difficult.
  • Get small and fade into the background.
  • Feign confusion to avoid conflict or express hard emotions.
  • Worry and obsess over things beyond my control.
  • Isolate myself.
  • Explode or get inappropriately angry or frustrated.
  • Let my mind obsessively create stories, scenarios, and plans.
  • Focus my mind on the future instead of the present.
  • Put all my energy and time into one part, neglecting others.
  • Avoid moving into action.
  • Asking everyone for an opinion, obsessively searching for answers.
  • Keeping myself preoccupied with something, staying busy.
  • Keeping and blocking love and affection from myself or others.
My adaptation of the chart found on page 77
My Inner Mean Girls are costing me in my career.  They're keeping me stuck in a job that I hate.  The truth is that I'm afraid to make the drastic change from an office job to full time wellness coaching.  I'm sick and tired of going to a job that drains my energy.  I really desire a way to use my gifts, fulfilling my purpose, and taking care of my family financially.

My Inner Mean Girls are costing me friends and family.  They're keeping me stuck in the house being anti-social.  The truth is I'm afraid to go places alone but have nobody to go with me to most things (as Benny never seems to want to join me).  I'm sick and tired of being bored and chained to electronics.  I really desire to be more outgoing.

My Inner Mean Girls are costing me my creativity and self-expression.  They're keeping so much bottled inside that when something does emerge it looks and/or sounds weird, even to me.  The truth is, being an only child, I've always been creative, but my creativity has been suspended over the years.  I'm sick and tired of my mind going blank when I'm trying to create something and/or express myself.  I really desire to paint again.

My Inner Mean Girls are costing me my marriage.  They're keeping me from appreciating the little things Benny does and focusing only on the negatives.  The truth is I over-react to some things he does or says but honestly I don't know HOW to react another way.  I'm sick and tired of being bored in the marriage and not communicating (not talking about the language barrier but all others).  I really desire to have a better marriage.

My Inner Mean Girls are costing me financial security, just like with my career.  They're keeping me from exploring other income options or sources with Benny not working.  The truth is I worry about money ALL THE TIME but I've had to let Benny make most decisions as it stresses me out.  I'm sick and tired of not being able to go anywhere, do anything, buy things, etc.  I really desire the things to make a house a home and travel regularly.

My Inner Mean Girls are costing me my emotional health.  They're keeping me frozen in time and not letting me pamper myself to keep my mind at ease.  The truth is I have never known how to properly pamper myself so I don't know where to begin or even what I like.  I'm sick and tired of feeling tense and easily angered.  I really desire the ability to relax.

My Inner Mean Girls are costing me my physical health.  They're keeping me stuck eating and making the same foods over and over again.  The truth is I'm bored with what I cook but I'm afraid to explore a lot of new recipes.  I'm sick and tired of not being able to enjoy eating because everything tastes the same.  I really desire to explore new foods and spices without fear.

As I wrote these out in my journal I recognized some common themes - fear, boredom, internalizing everything.  Do you spot any others?  I can't wait to find out what else I learn about myself through reforming my Inner Mean Girls. 

You don't have to take the quiz beforehand as I did because it's also available in the book (for those that prefer the pen & paper method).  Order a copy of Reform Your Inner Mean Girl on Amazon to begin your transformation.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Indy Cooking Expo 2015 Giveaway

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I am excited to be attending my first Expo as a blogger!  It's the weekend after my hysteroscopy with polypectomy so I'm hoping that I'll be feeling OK.

The Indy Cooking Expo is designed for us everyday home cooks as well as foodies.  There will be loads of cooking tools, appliances, and specialty foods to explore, as well as cooking demonstrations, seminars, and contests.  I'm curious to explore what they have for healthy cooking.

Indiana Pork is giving away a four pack of tickets to the Expo to my readers ($40 value).  I look forward to this giveaway as it gives me an opportunity to meet one of you in person!  Which day would you like to go?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Super Heroine Fitness Week 2

I weighed in last night up 3.2 lbs so it was the first time I had to pay Weight Watchers.  I think it was the combination of TOM and the gallstones with a little leftover DOMS.

My PCP took a look at the report from the CT scan.  He said:
The changes of the gallbladder suggest the gallbladder was inflamed  (mild pericholecystic edema or wall thickening”)..  The gallstones can do this, and might make the case for removal of the gallbladder.

His nurse responded about one point I didn't understand:
Just wanted to let you know that Adipose tissue is the medical terminology for Fat tissue/fat cells. It is saying that you do not have a lot fat tissue. It is a good thing. I hope that helps!

My GYN said the part about the bilateral ovarian follicles wasn't anything to worry about.

I don't know when I'll do another round of Gallbladder Complete but I hope it's changed some things for the better so that the surgery isn't a MUST DO.

Weigh-in Wednesday!

WEDNESDAY I finally got some zucchini at the farmer's market.

I finally convinced Benny that I needed more weight plates so we stopped at Play It Again Sports.  I now have gloves (makes my hands feel much better) and the dumbbells go up to 25 lbs!

THURSDAY began the second round of Super Heroine Fitness Episode 1 with Adventure 1, upping the dumbbells to 15 lbs.

FRIDAY I did a Yoga with Adriene workout.

We went grocery shopping Friday night.  I came home wondering where we'd put everything because there are so many veggies in the fridge.  Somehow I made it all fit!

SATURDAY I did Adventure 2 and was super sweaty!  I think that day I had the most visible sweat on my leotard.

MONDAY I woke up still sore from Saturday so I had another yoga session specifically targeting my shoulders.  It took a few hours but the soreness went away.

TUESDAY I did Adventure 3 but it seemed almost too easy.  I finished it faster than before too.  Something felt off...

Today I'll take my walk but have no plans to stop at the farmer's market as I don't have room for anything LOL.  I'm leaving work early today for a media reception with a preview of the Indiana State Fair...or at least that's what's planned.  I received no confirmation of my RSVP.

I have an abundance of cucumbers yet Benny hasn't made anything with them.  I don't want the bounty to spoil so I'm looking for ways to use them up.  I personally don't like the taste of cucumbers so it's hard to find a recipe that I'd enjoy.  In smoothies their flavor overpowers everything so that's off the table.  Have you found any ways to cook with cucumber losing the flavor?

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