Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Mind is Blank

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Yeah, I know this is late.  I just can't think of what to write this week....The SITS Girls writing prompts aren't even stirring anything for me to add anything.

I weighed in down another pound Tuesday night; that's 18 lbs to goal.  This puts me at 3 lbs until I switch my concentration from weight loss to toning and also is about the same time as the completion of Les Mills Combat (12 days).  So what does that mean to me?  I honestly don't know.  I don't have the weights; I've added a variety of dumbbells and kettlebells to my wish list.  I can't afford a gym membership either.  Please comment with your ideas of where to go from here.

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A vendor came today and took me out to lunch before we started talking business back in the office.  I thought I'd been there before but now I'm not so sure...Have you ever eaten at a Tapas restaurant?  We had the buffet, which used dessert size plates.  Everything I ate but one item tasted good.  I'm not real sure what all I even had! LOL  A little salad, some potatoes, some pasta, some meatballs...I did good and took less than a serving spoonful of everything.  I had two dessert plates of food...probably could've eaten more.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I've Got a Fever of 101.2

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At Weight Watchers last night I weighed in at 149 lbs, which is a total loss of 101.2 lbs!  I received my 100 lb charm and certificate; I knew we received a charm but knew nothing of the certificate so that was a little surprise. The charm is already on my collection. What should I do with the certificate? 

I don't know what it is but all burpees (yes, my modified version not what they're doing) during Les Mills Combat are making me lightheaded.  I've tried going super slow this week but it only reduced the amount of lightheadedness.  Has anyone else had this issue with burpees or anything like it?

Parts of my journey have been published in two places this week.  First, on WatchFit I wrote a summary of my story through the end of July and gave 5 pieces of advice for someone starting their own journey.  Then, on HealthTap I'm a featured influencer of the week; there's a little about me and the business. I'm glad to be a part of both communities!

My Rental - 2013 Toyota Corolla

Saturday we went to the Indiana Public Auto Auction; this is where we got the last car.  We bid on a 99 Chrysler 300M but the seller didn't answer the phone when they called.  Benny checked back with the auction house Monday and was told the seller didn't accept our bid.  So he went again last night while I was at Weight Watchers; we got home at the same time.  So what did he buy?

My New Ride - 98 Lincoln Mark VIII

So now we're a two Lincoln household; he drives a 02 Continental. My car looks nicer than his LOL

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Agent 99 Reporting for Duty

99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer...  Oh, wait; that's the wrong 99 LOL!  I weighed in last night down only .4 lbs but that put me at 99 lbs total loss.  Here's to surpassing the 100 lb mark at next week's weigh in!  Benny's more and more frequently saying that I don't need to lose any more.

Wrapped up Femme Fitale Fit Club's DietBet this weekend.  I was the most generous liker and my sharing of the inches lost was the most liked comment.  I also won the $25 gift card for inviting the most to the DietBet!  My Becoming the True You DietBet was a bust; nobody signed up for it, placing their bets.

I am officially tired of the Combat 30 Kickstart workout.  This morning I only burned 202 calories according to my HRM.  So now I'm switching up the Les Mills Combat schedule and swapping any left for one of the other workouts.  There are 27 days (including the built in rest days) left on the schedule.

I still went ahead and started the squat challenge.  Day 1 was more of an intro to squatting from Tony Horton with weighted and plyo versions.  Day 2 was 30 dumbbell squats.  Day 3 (today) is repeating yesterday but adding 5 Bulgarian Dumbbell Split Squats (per leg).  I'd never tried this one before today and had a little difficulty getting my foot in place on the corner of the couch.  Is there a squat (no barbell or machine) you'd like to see me try?

Monday I took the car to ABRA Auto Body & Glass to get the estimate for repairing the car.  Before looking at everything the guy said because of the age of the car (1992) it most likely would be totaled.  He quoted $1730.26 for the visual damage and said there probably would be additional damage to repair once they disassemble the back end.  Yes, I wanted to get a newer car but didn't want to be in an accident to get one LOL.

The total loss department called me before heading out for my walk today.  They valued the car a lot higher than we expected so I went ahead and settled.  Tomorrow we'll bring the title up to the claims office on the north side and pick up the check.  I'll get a rental through next Wednesday also.  Friday the salvage crew will be by the house to pick up the car. So I have a week to find another car or Benny has to drive me everywhere LOL.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Power Morcellatation: What You Should Know

What is a Power Morcellator?

A Power Morcellator is device used in hysterectomies to cut tissue into small pieces to be removed from the body. However, uterine cancers sometimes go undetected prior to the procedure. In these cases, the morcellator dices up and spreads unsuspected cancer inside the woman's body.

Scary Statistics
  • Hysterectomy is the 2nd most common surgery among women in the United States
  • By age 70, one out of three American women will have had a hysterectomy
  • 90% of these surgeries are done to remove Fibroids (non-cancerous tumors found in the uterus)
  • The average life span following accidental morcellation of sarcoma is only 24-36 months
  • Only 15% of women who have leiomyosarcoma (LMS) that has spread (stage 4) will be alive after 5 years
  • Women with sarcoma who are morcellated are about 4 times more likely to die from sarcoma than if they had not been morcellated.
Because of the serious risks associated with the usage of this device the FDA is discouraging the use of the Power Morcellator, and are even considering a ban.  Johnson & Johnson's division that manufactures the devices has actually suspended sales worldwide pending research.  This will probably lead to a total recall of the Power Morcellators already in use.

So What are the Alternatives?

Traditional hysterectomies involve the complete removal of the uterus; this still remains the most common surgical choice.  If only fibroids need removed surgeons can do a myomectomy instead.  Both procedures require a single abdominal wall incision.  For details on what all is involved in this procedure, check out WebMD's Hysterectomy and Oophorectomy Directory.

Laparoscopic hysterectomies can be more complicated than the traditional method because there are multiple abdominal wall incisions.  They could still end up requiring the use of a Power Morcellator to remove large pieces.

Other surgical and morcellation options do exist but they all have their own set of risks.  The whole idea scares me so I hope I never have to even consider having a hysterectomy!


Just like with the vaginal mesh damage there are lawsuits popping up, although I haven't seen anything class action yet.  For more information on the existing lawsuits or to receive a free case review please visit the American Recall Center.

For those of you who have had a hysterectomy, what method was used?
Do you know of anyone who developed cancer after having a hysterectomy?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Aftermath of Being Rear-Ended

I didn't expect to lose the 3.2 lbs I had left to reach the 100 lb goal but I did lose 1.8 lbs, which leaves 1.4 lbs to go!  TOM is creeping in so I don't expect to hit that number for a couple of weeks but you never know....

Inches Lost in July - 7.5 TOTAL!
Waist -1.5
Hips -3
Chest -1.5
R Arm -.5
L Arm -.5
R Thigh -0
L Thigh -.5
The official loss matched the amount for the DietBet so maybe things are starting to level out.

Friday will end the 4th week of  Les Mills Combat.  It's hard to believe I've already been on this program for this long!  Burpees are my enemy; almost every time they appear in the workouts I get lightheaded.  I'm not even doing their version; I'm doing the modified version learned from an earlier DVD (don't remember if it was the 21DayFix or one of Jillian's).

There are just 5 more days until the Becoming the True You DietBet starts.  I've got a handle on the 7-day squat challenge I'm doing along with it.  Each day I'll show a different type of squat and leave it up to the participants to add weight, squat deeper, jump, etc.  If the interest is there it'll be expanded to cover all four weeks of the DietBet. Now to select the 7 squats....

I was rear-ended on the way in to work this morning.  Lady said that her foot slipped off the brake.  We share the same insurance company and she admitted fault to them so everything's under her coverage.  A headache hit me as soon as she did (anything jarring me like that would cause one).  My neck and shoulders are stiff.  Unless these things worsen I don't plan to seek any medical attention.  I can't really see that my bumper was dented but it pushed up my trunk so that it looks open but it's still latched.  A reflector was broken on the bumper along with the cover on the left tail light.

The repair shop has called to schedule the estimate; they can't look at it until Monday.  I think that means Benny will have to drive me on rainy days so the water doesn't get in the trunk...that is unless he thinks of a way to cover it so he doesn't have to LOL
I just couldn't get in the 2+ miles on my walk today.  The weight of my haul in combination with my stiff neck and shoulders slowed me down.  I picked up tomatoes, zucchini, and tequila bell peppers (sorry, they don't taste like tequila).  I've done PT for my past accidents (mostly rear-enders) but wonder if they'll do a massage instead LOL.  I haven't heard from the claims rep handling the medical side so I don't know what all they'll cover.  Have you had similar damage in an auto accident?

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