Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Mind is Blank

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Yeah, I know this is late.  I just can't think of what to write this week....The SITS Girls writing prompts aren't even stirring anything for me to add anything.

I weighed in down another pound Tuesday night; that's 18 lbs to goal.  This puts me at 3 lbs until I switch my concentration from weight loss to toning and also is about the same time as the completion of Les Mills Combat (12 days).  So what does that mean to me?  I honestly don't know.  I don't have the weights; I've added a variety of dumbbells and kettlebells to my wish list.  I can't afford a gym membership either.  Please comment with your ideas of where to go from here.

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A vendor came today and took me out to lunch before we started talking business back in the office.  I thought I'd been there before but now I'm not so sure...Have you ever eaten at a Tapas restaurant?  We had the buffet, which used dessert size plates.  Everything I ate but one item tasted good.  I'm not real sure what all I even had! LOL  A little salad, some potatoes, some pasta, some meatballs...I did good and took less than a serving spoonful of everything.  I had two dessert plates of food...probably could've eaten more.

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  1. Tapas are pretty yummy.
    I can't say I know you yet, but I've been doing Melissa Bender's 30 Day Workout Challenge, only I'm just doing it 5 days a week instead of every day for 30 days. It's free on Youtube. I don't know if that's anything you'd be interested in. Just an FYI, I often make whatever Melissa does easier. Her planking kills me!