Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Where My Heart Will Take Me

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I weighed in last night down another 1.4 lbs!  Benny measured me Monday night and I lost 4.5 inches overall in August.

At the end of the Weight Watchers meeting last week I was asked to give my story in 90 seconds on the 16th, bringing pictures or other items to represent our success.  I'm bringing my Panama City Beach t-shirt and possibly our family picture wearing it from the 3 hour cruise we took to Shell Island.  They always give us a little form with 4-5 questions to guide our story.  This time I've only come up with a response to the last two.

We came across the Star Trek: Enterprise series (2001-2005) on Netflix and have been watching it.  When I heard the theme song my head was screaming, "OMG that's my story!"  Here's a video of the song.

I've re-written the lyrics a little bit to fit this journey.  What do you think?

It's been a long journey,  losin' these pounds.
It's been a long time,  but my goal weight is finally near.
I'm about to see this dream come alive at last. I will touch the sky.
Nobody's gonna hold me down. Nobody's gonna change my mind.

Cause I've got faith of the heart. I'm going where my heart will take me.
I've got faith to believe I can do almost anything.
I've got strength of the soul and no one's gonna bend or break me.
I've got faith.
I've got faith,  faith of the heart.

Today was the last rest day for Les Mills Combat.  I now have 7 solid days of workouts until I'm done with the program.  Still don't know what I'm doing next....

On today's walk I picked up some Swiss chard (first time having) and mozzarella.  I found a $1 bill up against the curb and gave it to the guy in a wheelchair that I pass by every week.

The other day Benny asked me if I preferred the bone weights or what I have.  I asked him WTH were bone weights LOL!  I'm wondering if that means I'm really getting weights for my birthday....

Speaking of my birthday, I'm hosting a clean eating challenge next week.  Please leave a comment on this post and friend me on Facebook if you're interested in joining.  Besides purchasing whichever foodstuff you're going with (menu options will be posted in the group) for the week you'll need to purchase the Shakeology Taste Sampler (regular or vegan).  **Must live in the US or Canada and not already have a Beachbody coach.**

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  1. Let me STOP RIGHT HERE and say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You are doing an awesome job on your weight loss journey!!!! I would love to feature your journey on my blog in my Featured Fitale segment which is published on Tuesday. Holla' and ya girl and let's make this happen. Congrats again CASSI!!! #wowlinkup

  2. First I wanted to congratulate you on your weight loss and say you have a future in the wellness and fitness world. However, when I tried to reach you last week, I wanted to give your some advice. I have been in the industry a LONG time and I have seen trends come and go but what has stood the test of time is a certification by any organization. If you want to further yourself in the field don't become a Beach Body Coach and call it a day, Beach Body will go the way of Tae Bo, Slide fitness and etc. Trends are about 6 years and then people move on and that's why I tell newbies, don't get a Zumba or Tae Bo certification for example but get a group or personal training certification. Ever if you are certified by the cheapest one and it will still be accepted. If you want more information, send me an email. The Frugal Exerciser - Sheila #wowlinkup

    1. I do want to be certified in something but there's no industry standard yet for health and wellness coaches. Because of this prices are all over the board for certification. Also, what I've read you already have to have the training/education before you can get these certifications. So far I've only found one that doesn't require a prior background in the industry.