Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blog Hop Spotlight Day

Welcome everyone visiting from Kristy's Grow Your Blog Hop!

I always seem to blank on what to say about me (my over-analytical mind in action) so here are 9 facts that you may or may not know:
  • I'm a mom of a teenage boy who will be starting high school in the fall. EEK!
  • My ex-husband and I had an amicable divorce without using lawyers.
  • My current husband is a native German who became a US Citizen in September 2013.
  • Next month marks the beginning of my 3rd year on the journey to improve my overall health and wellness.
  • I got started on this journey because of a diabetes prevention study in conjunction with Weight Watchers and have stuck with everything.
  • My journey led me to discover my passion and purpose for living - to be a Wellness Coach and help those 40+ who are new to their own journeys or are returning after a long hiatus.
  • My degree's in French (which I've forgotten since I never get to use it).
  • I've always held an office job, except for the year or so I also worked at Office Depot.
  • I'm currently studying for the Group Exercise Certification exam from NETA so that I can get their Wellness Coach certification by the end of June.
Each Wednesday I wrap up what I've done over the past week.  I've kept it as Weigh in Wednesday even though all the linkups this was for have gone away because Tuesday nights are my Weight Watchers meetings.  Since I reached Lifetime last year I typically only weigh in once a month.

THURSDAY I did P90X3 Pilates X.  I read Chapter 19 - Flexibility Programming.

FRIDAY I did X3 Yoga.  I read Chapters 20-22 - Teaching Skills, Group Exercise Class Structure and Formats, and Injury Management & Emergency Response.

Benny told me thinks the certifications are a waste but it's OK to do them.  I must've been so giddy over the weekend as he'd asked what was with me LOL.  Now I no longer have to do this behind his back!

SATURDAY I did Dynamix, wrapping up P90X3.

MONDAY I did The Warrior for the first makeup workout.  I read Chapter 23 - Medical Conditions & Special Populations.  I'm stuck here on the exercise precautions and recommendations related to common medical conditions.  How do I distinguish which are precautions vs. recommendations?  I called NETA to get the approval for the test-only option for the GEX exam so now I just need to wait for whatever they send me to get that scheduled.  The Comira testing center is at Ivy Tech and they just need a 24-hour notice to sign up.

YESTERDAY I did Kelly Coffey-Meyer's Split Sessions Upper Body workout.  I had Austin's IEP conference in the morning.  My ex wants to drop him from the program as he feels like Austin doesn't need it anymore.  I went to the meeting (without my ex) with the intention of having a re-evaluation.  Austin's only real remaining problem associated with his ADHD and IEP coverage is missing work (not just homework but in-class too which I wasn't aware of).

He's smart and does well on the tests (over course work and standardized testing) so we know Austin understands what he's learning but just doesn't turn in the work for some reason.  Has anyone found a solution for their child that gets him/her to turn in assignments?  We are going to try something different with the reduced support on his IEP - only checking in at the grade times (instead of weekly/biweekly).  The special ed teacher will take an average of what he scores on assignments and do a side by side comparison to show Austin the possibilities if he completes all his work.

The principal explained to me that if it's deemed that he doesn't qualify or if we drop him from the program Austin's no longer protected by law for any incidents.  This protection is found in the Indiana State Board of Education Special Education Rules, Title 511, Article 7, Rule 44 - Discipline Procedures.  (I just received a copy of this document this morning so I haven't had a chance to read through it yet.)  I told my ex about this and that we should keep Austin's IEP, just at the bare minimum.

TODAY I did MMX for the second makeup workout.  I'll be reading Chapter 24 - Risk Management for Fitness Professionals - and perhaps the final chapter (25) - Documentation & Record Keeping.

So I will essentially have all of March to review everything and do the practical skills. Is anyone else taking a GEX certification exam in March?  Even though we may be going through a different certifying organization the material has to be about the same.  We could be study buddies!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Love Letter to Myself

THURSDAY I did P90X3 Pilates X.  I read Chapter 12 - Initial Intake & Pre-Participation Screening.  Austin texted me asking if he could spend Saturday at his friend's house and his friend was spending the night Friday (assumed at his dad's).  I said OK.

FRIDAY I did Decelerator.  During lunch I had an awesome call with Nicole Liolia to help me get things going with making money in this coaching business.

To start off I'm looking for 5 people to speak with for 30 minutes about their wellness goals and to help them with a tip or strategy to help them make progress over the next week.  If you're interested in this FREE strategy session please email me to set up a time.

Austin texted me saying I had to drop him off at his friend's house 10 minutes after he got to my house.  I was so confused and it was sounding like he was trying to get around his dad knowing he was going over there.  We finally got it all figured out and his friend's dad picked him up at the ex's house.

SATURDAY I did CVX in a silent house.  Austin texted me asking if he could stay at his friend's house again because they were having so much fun playing RockBand.  My ex said he didn't need to spend the whole weekend at a friend's house.  Benny said it was OK because it was too cold to do anything anyway.

I went to the library and hung out for longer than I normally do with Austin.  I got on one of the computers and attempted to do some work but didn't get very far.  Before I left I made a couple of origami heart bookmarks, one for me and one for Austin.  From there I went to a couple of stores and shopped.  It was nice being out of the house alone going wherever I wanted for about 4 hours!

SUNDAY Austin texted to pick him up at his friend's house around 3pm.  The snow wasn't bad at that time so I was like no big deal.  However, by the time it was almost 3pm the snow was much heavier and hard to see outside our windows.  I was ready to go when Benny said that I couldn't because my tires were too low.  So I had to wait around for him to air them up.  Then I wiggled my way on the slick, snow covered roads (and over 2 bridges) with my heart pounding both ways.  With an elevated heart rate that was like another workout, right? LOL

MONDAY I began the last week of P90X3 with Dynamix.  It was a good stretch because I was tired and my back was stiff (probably leftover from being terrified driving).  I did a lot more reading (chapter wise only LOL) at lunch:  Chapter 13 - Health Screening Assessments, Chapter 14 - Postural Analysis, and Chapter 16 - Physical Activity & Health.

YESTERDAY I did Isometrix.  I read Chapter 17 - Cardiorespiratory Fitness Programming.

TODAY I did Accelerator.  I'll start reading Chapter 18 - Programming for Muscular Fitness and will finish it up tomorrow.

This week's Weight Watcher's theme continues on the concept on choosing self love, giving yourself the attention, care, and acceptance you deserve.  I've filled in the blanks for myself as an example.  What I fill in may vary upon the day.  I did struggle with coming up with a self destructive action/thought that I have since it's not something I continually think of.

Will you join me and write one for yourself?

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Where Do You Need to Love Yourself More?

Valentine's Day has always seemed to be about loving someone other than yourself.  Why not change the focus of this day to setting a plan and promise to Choose Self Love to care for yourself all year long?

Just as with everything in life we are stronger in one area of Self Love than the others.  So where do you need to love yourself more? Take the free Self Love Pulse Check and find out! Discover where you're weak & strong in Self Love.

This free Self Love Quiz helps you to:

  • Discover where you are strong at loving yourself and where you are weak in self-love, based on the “5 Gates of Self-Love.” 
  • Uncover how you can practically and tangibly love yourself better by focusing on the areas of self-love that most need your attention.
  • Break self-love down to manageable and specific parts so you can see more clearly where you would be best served to focus on making shifts.
  • Receive a full Self Love Pulse Check Report that reveals your scoring for ALL 5 Gates of Self-Love, the five foundations for deep, unwavering and strong self-love so you can feel great about the ways you do love yourself, and support yourself to grow in the ways you could be better to yourself. 

The quiz takes under 7 minutes to complete. Take an act of self-love and give yourself the space to take it.

I took the quiz the other day and here are my results:  

Living My Heart & Soul Desires - 23/35
Taking Care of Myself  - 25/35
Having Loving & Respectful Relationships - 27/35
Being Compassionate with Myself - 28/35
Loving My Body - 32/35

The first step for me to work on living my heart and soul desires is this promise to myself:

I promise to never settle for less than my heart and soul desires.

I must be vigilant and watch myself to make sure I stay on the path.  When I recognize that I'm slipping I must remind myself of this promise, repeating it like a mantra.  Yes, it will be hard, but I'll take it with small steps, just like I did when losing weight.

Won't you join me on this journey to love yourself more?

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I'm Loving Hemp

THURSDAY I did P90X3 Dynamix.  I went to the doctor's office for the CT scan of my sinuses/maxillofacial area.  I think it was the quickest scan I've ever had; I didn't even have to pay for parking!  The ENT is going on vacation for about 2.5 weeks so I won't know his interpretation until the end of the month.

FRIDAY I did Triometrics.  I read Chapter 9 - Dietary Guidelines, learning about how to calculate the calories from each macronutrient.

After work we took the car back to the mechanic to "fix" the overheating problem.  They had it all weekend.  Benny got his tobacco (he rolls his own cigarettes) for what he said is probably the last time.  They also aren't honoring the coupons he'd use any more so another motivational factor in his smoking cessation!

SATURDAY I did Eccentric Upper.  The Manitoba Harvest hemp heart bars arrived for me to review, although the postal system damaged the chocolate bar packaging.  Apparently I'm not the only one though, as others have reported the same...

Manitoba Harvest is having a photo contest.  Share a picture of your Manitoba Harvest stash or something you've made with their hemp hearts (tagging +Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods #hempheartbar #fuelledbyhemp #sweatpink +Fit Approach, LLC)  and you could win a box of your favorite flavor hemp heart bar.

Apple Cinnamon & Chocolate = 8 WW SP
Vanilla = 9 WW SP

Manitoba Harvest has given us a discount code to save readers 15% of a box of the hemp heart bars through the end of March.  Visit their website, select your flavor, and enter the code hhbarlauch1015 at checkout.  I really wish that I could distinguish between the flavors but with my nose and taste buds jacked up all three taste the same to me!  For some reason I have a strong desire to add peanut butter to a bar and try it that way...

MONDAY began week 12 and I did MMX.  I read Chapter 10 - Weight Management.

I pulled up the radiology report in my EMR for the CT scan.  IMHO reading the report the only problem is my mildly deviated septum with a small bony spur.  None of this report tells me why I can't smell or taste much any more!  So much is "unremarkable."

When I got home I found out the nurse had called to talk about the scan results.  Now to call her back...

TUESDAY I did Decelerator.  I read Chapter 11 - Eating Disorders.  I made a dent on the scale with a .2 lb loss at Weight Watchers.  Hopefully it'll be better for March.

TODAY I did Triometrics again.  I called the nurse back since I forgot to yesterday.  The doctor had seen the scan Friday before he left for vacation so he'd left the notes for her to call me.  Nothing wrong with the sinuses.  She didn't mention the spur, only the deviated septum and reducing the turbinates.  The doctor only does the surgeries on Tuesday in Carmel so I've temporarily scheduled it for September 27th.

I'd just started making my sandwich for lunch when the nurse at Austin's school called saying he was sick and he'd felt that way since eating his lunch.  In case he got sick on the way home they didn't want him riding the bus.  The ex is at work and they don't have another car for his forever fiancĂ©e (I don't know if they'll ever get married) to pick up Austin.  Benny wouldn't be ready in time to get him either.  So I had to freeze my way down there and back.  I've yet to warm back up....

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Monday, February 8, 2016

7 Workplace Health Hacks

For those of us who work outside the home a significant amount of our day is spent in the workplace.  These hours can have a profound effect on our health.  So how can we make the day better?  Here are 7 Workplace Health Hacks for you to incorporate into your day.

Dump the Soda

This was the first thing I did on my journey - quitting soda cold turkey.  I would rather EAT my calories than drink them.  If this is something you struggle with, instead of going cold turkey like I did, reduce the amount you drink.  Perhaps only having the soda with your lunch and drinking water or tea the rest of the day will work better for you.

Pay Attention to Portion Sizes

Just because you're at work doesn't mean it's time to stuff your face to help you deal with that annoying customer, coworker, or meeting.  If you eat out or there's a cafeteria on-site you still need to watch how much you're eating, just like when you eat out with your family.

Prepare a Healthy Lunch

If you bring your lunch it's easier to stay healthy at work.  You've already portioned out your leftovers so you're eating how much fits into your goals today.  Or, you can enjoy a nice, healthy salad with or without a light dressing.  I often eat a sandwich (on whole wheat sandwich slims) with Weight Watchers chips.  Be sure to have fruits and/or veggies with/on your sandwich!

Stay Hydrated

Keep a bottle of water on your desk.  Mark it by ounces or time of day so you can track how much you've had.  It's also helpful if your workplace has bottled water service so that you can have fresh, clean water to entice you to drink more frequently.  If you need flavor because the water tastes like paper (often my problem) try infusing it with some fruit.

Take a Walk

Get up from your desk and take periodic walks throughout your day.  You can start out with just the extra walking to refill your water bottle and then add on walking to talk to your coworker instead of sending them an email.  At lunch walk around the building (inside or outside depending upon the weather).  Who knows, a coworker or two may join in!

Keep Healthy Snacks Handy

I keep my snacks in one of the drawers to a filing cabinet in my office.  Whenever I need a quick pick-me-up between lunch and heading home I grab a little something to satisfy me.  This can be a piece of fruit, a cheese stick, nuts, popcorn....anything that's already been portioned out for or by me.  Currently I'm enjoying Manitoba Harvest's hemp heart bars for my snack time.  Visit for more healthy snack ideas.

Take the Stairs

Just like at home (if you have them) or when you're out shopping or going to appointments choose to take the stairs over the elevator whenever you can.  (I say whenever you can because, as an example, I've never found the stairs at my doctor's office in the hospital.)  This is an easy way to sneak in a little bit of extra physical activity during your work day.

These are just a few examples of how you and I can stay healthy while at work.  What would you add?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Scaling Wednesday

I didn't go to Weight Watchers last night as I'm having car issues and Benny wanted to check it out.  So I have no official weigh in for February yet.  I guess I have one more week to get in line then LOL

THURSDAY I did P90X3 Pilates X.  I read chapter 5 - Human Anatomy.  Now, I don't know about you but this part is hard for me.  I've never had to memorize bones or muscles.  I wonder how much of the Group Exercise Certification exam will be on this topic...I hope it's not a lot.  I asked fellow Sweat Pink Ambassadors what they used to help memorize bones and muscles.  They recommended anatomy coloring books, flash cards, and two sites - Get Body Smart and Anatomy Arcade.  I've printed off some of the images to try to help remember.

I also read chapter 6 - Applied Kinesiology & Biomechanics.  This was a little reprieve from anatomy.

FRIDAY I did Decelerator in what felt like slow mo...not sure why.  I read chapter 7 - Exercise Physiology.  This is another hard one for me.  I took an online course on Coursera for this but it wasn't sticking then, and still isn't.

We dropped the car off at the mechanic for them to take a look at the oil pan since it was leaking on the garage floor (never notice a wet spot at work).

SATURDAY I did CVX.  The mechanic called and told us the damage.  We went over there in the afternoon so Benny could see what they were talking about before giving them the go ahead to make the repairs.  We ran around the rest of the afternoon and stopped at Burger King to bring home dinner.  I went with the chicken burger but didn't enjoy it at all.

MONDAY I did Decelerator again.  No studying this day because I had my follow up appointment with the ENT.  The nasal rinse and Flonase combo he had me on hasn't made a difference.  (I have a deviated septum and enlarged turbinates.)  The doctor checked and he doesn't see a hole (was my concern because the rinse goes through so quickly).  We're trying to schedule a CT scan but insurance is saying it isn't medically necessary.  UM HELLO my nose is stuffed almost 24-7 and I can hardly taste or smell anything anymore!

We picked up the car but now it's being weird.  While driving the temperature gradually increases to the hot zone, staying there for up to a minute, then drops down to the middle.  Not sure what's going on.

YESTERDAY I fought it out with MMX.  I reviewed chapters 1-7 (a lot of good that did LOL).

TODAY was leg day with Eccentric Lower.  I will be reading chapter 8 - Essential Nutrients for Health & Performance.  Hopefully this will be an easy lesson.

actual measurements from this morning

I received the EatSmart Precision Body Check Bathroom Scale for free in exchange for my honest review.  I've never had a scale that measured anything other than weight before so it's been interesting to see these numbers jump around at different times of the day.

You have to be barefoot for the scale to get the measurements other than the weight.  Somehow that metal strip can read your body to get those measurements.  (The instruction book gives the details on how it does this.)  The only drawback I've found with this scale is the numbers rotate too quickly for me to record the measurements.  They are displayed twice but I sometimes miss one as I'm writing so I have to step off and go through it again.  I think it's definitely worth the price as others I've seen are listed much higher.

To get your own EatSmart Precision Body Check Bathroom Scale hop on over to Amazon.

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