Monday, February 8, 2016

7 Workplace Health Hacks

For those of us who work outside the home a significant amount of our day is spent in the workplace.  These hours can have a profound effect on our health.  So how can we make the day better?  Here are 7 Workplace Health Hacks for you to incorporate into your day.

Dump the Soda

This was the first thing I did on my journey - quitting soda cold turkey.  I would rather EAT my calories than drink them.  If this is something you struggle with, instead of going cold turkey like I did, reduce the amount you drink.  Perhaps only having the soda with your lunch and drinking water or tea the rest of the day will work better for you.

Pay Attention to Portion Sizes

Just because you're at work doesn't mean it's time to stuff your face to help you deal with that annoying customer, coworker, or meeting.  If you eat out or there's a cafeteria on-site you still need to watch how much you're eating, just like when you eat out with your family.

Prepare a Healthy Lunch

If you bring your lunch it's easier to stay healthy at work.  You've already portioned out your leftovers so you're eating how much fits into your goals today.  Or, you can enjoy a nice, healthy salad with or without a light dressing.  I often eat a sandwich (on whole wheat sandwich slims) with Weight Watchers chips.  Be sure to have fruits and/or veggies with/on your sandwich!

Stay Hydrated

Keep a bottle of water on your desk.  Mark it by ounces or time of day so you can track how much you've had.  It's also helpful if your workplace has bottled water service so that you can have fresh, clean water to entice you to drink more frequently.  If you need flavor because the water tastes like paper (often my problem) try infusing it with some fruit.

Take a Walk

Get up from your desk and take periodic walks throughout your day.  You can start out with just the extra walking to refill your water bottle and then add on walking to talk to your coworker instead of sending them an email.  At lunch walk around the building (inside or outside depending upon the weather).  Who knows, a coworker or two may join in!

Keep Healthy Snacks Handy

I keep my snacks in one of the drawers to a filing cabinet in my office.  Whenever I need a quick pick-me-up between lunch and heading home I grab a little something to satisfy me.  This can be a piece of fruit, a cheese stick, nuts, popcorn....anything that's already been portioned out for or by me.  Currently I'm enjoying Manitoba Harvest's hemp heart bars for my snack time.  Visit for more healthy snack ideas.

Take the Stairs

Just like at home (if you have them) or when you're out shopping or going to appointments choose to take the stairs over the elevator whenever you can.  (I say whenever you can because, as an example, I've never found the stairs at my doctor's office in the hospital.)  This is an easy way to sneak in a little bit of extra physical activity during your work day.

These are just a few examples of how you and I can stay healthy while at work.  What would you add?


  1. i'd add keep water with you at all times!

  2. I think people forget how much lunch really cost them money wise and health wise, I bring my lunch every day :) I always park in the last parking spot too, every step counts!

    1. Only a couple of people can park close to our building otherwise you'll get run over by delivery drivers.

  3. I need to do a better job of staying hydrated! That is one thing I am not good with.

    1. In the summer I'm good but the winter not so much. I only like cold water so it makes me even colder.

  4. I ride the bus to work and get off at the first stop even though my stop is the last stop, that is how I get extra steps in each day.