Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Healthy Snacks Recipes - Tasty Tuesday #2

What a great turnout for my first Tasty Tuesday!  Here are the favorite breakfast recipes from last week.

Most Liked

Yeah, I know two likes isn't much but it's a start!


I've never heard of anyone eating shrimp for breakfast!

My Favorite

Quick & easy, just the way I like!

Please share your favorite healthy snack recipes from your blog.  Please visit at least one other recipe that's linked up.  I've enabled likes on the linky so you can select your favorites. Your likes and my favorite recipes will be pinned on my Tasty Tuesday board.  Those not highlighted the next week will be pinned on one of my other recipe boards (provided there aren't an overwhelming number of entries).

Next week's recipe theme - Lunch


  1. So glad you liked my Whole Wheat Baked Pancakes. I hope you like them as much when you try them out!

  2. Sorry I don't have any snack recipe blog posts to share but I can share one of my favorite quick snakes - prunes - yes you heard right prunes. I'm cutting back on the sweets but I find the prunes give me that sweet taste - not very big and not many calories that I can have 3 or 4 throughout the day. And if you get the sunsweet brand, you can get it with some lemon essence or orange essence - it's good :)

    1. I've never had fresh prunes, just dried ones. This might've been as far back as high school. The connotation of a young person eating prunes wasn't good LOL

  3. I get so many recipe ideas from these blog hops, glad to find yours. Looking forward to seeing what everyone contributes!

  4. Sorry, I don't have snack recipe blog posts either. Those whole wheat baked pancakes do look yummy.

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