Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Walking to Weigh in

Last week everything felt so crazy.  I started to write my post and kept getting distracted.  Even had to play IT manager again with our main computer at work.

What didn't get posted last week....
We had so much rain last week.  I STILL haven't been able to do anything with my garden.  It's just a bunch of weeds!  Is there a way to get rid of the weeds that won't damage the seeds when I plant them?

I took my first walk around the neighborhood on Sunday.  I was nearly chased by a goose protecting its family.  I had to walk fast and sideways so I could keep an eye on it while I went past.  Here are my stats from that walk.  (I'm using the MapMyWalk app to track what I'm walking.)

We're doing a 7 mile walk/run challenge this week and next.  Since I only walked Sunday I'm way behind LOL.  Monday I didn't feel like walking.  Tuesday I had car trouble so I couldn't go to Weight Watchers to weigh in.  Yesterday I weighed in down 1 lb!  It was such a stormy afternoon and evening there was no chance that I could get out to walk.  I need to remember to bring some kind of bottle to work for my water so that I can walk during my lunch hour.

Has anything interesting happened to you on a walk or run?

I weighed in last night down only .2 lbs.  That came as a surprise for me as I felt heavier and expected a gain because of TOM.  But that feeling could've just as easily been bloat because of the heat and humidity.

I'm on a Jillian Michaels kick right now.  All but two DVDs from the library are her workouts.  Jillian isn't as tough with these workouts as I expected.  Sure, I can't do all the moves and have to modify the modifier sometimes but I still push through.

Benny didn't want to tell us what we were doing Monday; he kept saying it was a surprise.  Austin guessed it correctly shortly before we left.

We did the whole 18 holes (9 just isn't enough) but a lot of the time was just standing around waiting for the people in front of us to get out of the way.  The group kept discussing their play or something and wouldn't move on to the next hole.  It was very frustrating with them doing that.  I stayed on my feet the whole time but Benny and Austin would occasionally sit and wait.  Every time we play I win; I know it's not them just letting me win since we all stink at it LOL

I walked through the neighborhood east of work during lunch yesterday.  It was a little too windy.  Silly me didn't think it all through and didn't even have pockets.  So I had to manage my wallet, phone, and water bottle while holding my skirt.  It must've been a funny sight to those walking and driving by.  If we don't have popup shower today I'll take a walk to the west.  Eventually I want to walk over to the City Market and shop the Farmer's Market on a Wednesday.

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  1. I have got to try this Jillian Michaels stuff! Everyone is loving it!

  2. Good for you on a loss today! I understand the interruptions you spoke of... I have a post from two weeks ago that I never got to finish! Good job keeping up with Jillian! I can't stand her stuff! Lol

  3. Yay! You're moving in the right direction :)


  4. There's recipes for all natural weed killers on Pinterest. I haven't tried any thought. I just rip them out. I love Jillian but I've always been too afraid to try her workouts lol I might need to buy one and give it a try.

    1. I did try this weed killer and got most of it

  5. Great job with the loss! I"m actually not a fan of Jillian, but if you love it, then that's fantastic!

    1. I didn't really like Jillian until I started doing her DVDs. The first ones I wanted to throw the weights at her but I guess I've gotten used to her.

  6. I feel your pain when waiting for your mini golf turn!! Nice job on the loss this week. It's always nice to get an unexpected surprise like that! #wowlinkup.

  7. I have some of Jillian's dvd's also they are tough workouts! She in intense. linking up from the #WOWlinkup

  8. Jillian Michaels workouts are great! I have used the DVD's and she actually had a few workouts on Comcast for awhile. All good stuff! #wowlinkup

  9. Jillian Michaels remains the TRUTH! I don't always feel like running/walking either but I know in the end it will be the best thing. I worked out after work the other day and I dreaded it but I pushed through. Good for you for being down a few pounds. #wowlinkup

  10. I teach the 30 day Shred to my clients but I added a few exercises to it. I might do it today on my own using exercise tubes. Visiting from the #wowlinkup.

  11. I've heard scary things about Jillian but I also hear she rocks and doing her workouts really burn calories.

  12. When I walk, I am always amazed at how many cars pull up and ask me for directions. It's crazy.. I didn't think our town was so hard to navigate. I just expect it now:)

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