Friday, June 30, 2017

Good Morning Snore Solution Product Review

When 3 sleep studies show the only issue you have is snoring you're on the lookout for a solution.  So of course I jumped at the opportunity to try out the Good Morning Snore Solution.  I received one appliance and storage case for free in exchange for my honest review.

Putting on the Appliance

"Snoring is frequently caused when the muscles in the back of the throat relax during sleeping and block the airway flow through the mouth.  The Good Morning Snore Solution alleviates snoring by pulling the tongue forward in the mouth and maintaining an open airway."
This explanation of the cause of snoring makes an oral appliance sound more effective than a nasal one. The Good Morning Snore Solution definitely keeps your tongue forward.

The wide part of the appliance goes in between your teeth and lips.  I have no problem getting it into position.  I have to squeeze the bulb and suck the air out several times because I almost immediately start a saliva build up during this step.  It's like my glands know something weird's going on.  Once I feel the saliva has sufficiently decreased I insert the tip of my tongue into the bulb.  This part is not one bit comfortable.  My tongue feels like it's super wide and getting mashed by my teeth.

The Good Morning Snore Solution makes me think of a pacifier with the bulb in reverse.  When sucking out the air it feels like I'm practicing for a pacifier.  It's a weird feeling.

Removing the Appliance

Removing the Good Morning Snore Solution is even more awkward than putting it on.  You gently squeeze the bulb and remove your tongue.  Every time my tongue feels a little sore from being locked into position and my mouth is super dry.  They say these side effects improve and go away over time but how long do you have to wait?

So Does it Work?

I kept waiting for Benny to say something other than laughing at the way I looked wearing the appliance.  So I had no idea whether or not the Good Morning Snore Solution was working.  I finally had to break down and ask him point blank if he heard me snoring when he came in the room (or even outside the door because you know snoring can get pretty loud).  Benny said that he has NOT heard me snoring since I started wearing the appliance.

That's what I say about using the Good Morning Snore Solution.  If I'm really not snoring wearing the appliance then I can deal with the uncomfortable part of it.

Who should NOT use this?

If you have any of these conditions they say you shouldn't use the Good Morning Snore Solution:
  • Severe Sleep Apnea (Severe only as it's a registered treatment for mild to moderate apnea.)
  • Severe Respiratory Disorders
  • Periodontal Disease
  • Under 18 (not sure why on this one)
  • Have orthodontic or other oral devices - consult with your dentist first
  • Blocked nasal passages (because you'll have to be breathing through your nose)
So if you're not experiencing any of the above go ahead and give the Good Morning Snore Solution a try.  Get comfortable being uncomfortable as it actually appears to stop snoring!  Visit their website to see the purchase options...

Good Morning Snore Solution - Because Good Nights Equal Good Mornings.


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  2. Yes it looks really weird but while using it if the results shows any type of positivism then in my point of view we should give it try.Anyways I got some products and solutions from here which I think you should give it try.I tried and found very efficient.