Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Conquering Glossophobia

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Glossophobia - the fear of public speaking.  Now I finally know the term for it I can conquer it!

The Shyness Solution gives steps to solving shyness and some practical examples - going to a party and meeting new people, asking someone on a date, asserting yourself in the workplace, asking for what you need from friends, asking for what you need from family members, asking for what you need from a coworker, and speaking in public.  Each step is shown for all examples, including your reaction and what you should do.  I really need to work on the glossophobia example.

  1. The Situation:  What situation makes you feel fearful, uncomfortable, and timid?
  2. Notice the Thoughts:  What negative self-talk arises from the thought of being in the situation?  Take note of the irrational and worst-case scenario thoughts.
  3. Do I need to engage in this situation?:  Give yourself the reason WHY and then actually say "SILENCE!" to the fearful thoughts.  Replace these thoughts with an I Choose statement.
  4. Talk Back:  Respond to your negative thoughts with the reasons why these irrational thoughts aren't in your best interest and replace them with the positive aspects.
  5. Visualize:  Relax for 20-30 minutes before approaching the situation.  Clear your thoughts and let your worries float away.  Picture yourself in your safe, peaceful, happy place.  SEE yourself heading to the situation, full of confidence.  SEE yourself successfully working through that situation.

My Situation

I need to present the Beachbody business to others in order to gain customers and coaches on my team.

My Thoughts
  • There's no way that I can do this.  I'm terrified of speaking in public.  I'll make a fool of myself and look bad.
  • If I talk to people I won't remember what I have to say and they'll be staring at me seeing my incompetence.
  • I believe helping others on their journey to better health and wellness is my passion and purpose for life.  If I fail to present everything properly everyone will be disappointed in me.  I'll lose my new found sense of purpose.

I don't want to just have an online business.  I must SILENCE this fear of public speaking.  I choose to have a local presence in my community.  Once I get this business going I choose to host a local fit club, whether it's just a handful of people or a crowd.

  • I want to help people achieve better health and wellness.  If I make a fool of myself, it'll be OK.  That'll just make my presentation more real, not scripted.
  • I'm not even close to being incompetent.  Sure, I might not know it all but I have resources to access to find the missing links.  When I forget what I'm saying that can leave an opportunity open for questions to be asked.  I can recover!  And again, it'll make it all real.
  • I am a living example that this works.  Me, who doesn't like many fruits or veggies.  Me, who used to turn her nose up at any exercise and always questioned the purpose of gym class.  If I can do it anyone can!

My safe, peaceful, happy place would be the beach.  To help picture myself there I could pull up a copy of Suzy Liebermann's ISLAND DREAMS Motivational Photography Book on my phone or computer.  I could stare at the beautiful beach pictures to try and relax my mind.  I'd concentrate on just the main points and fill in the rest ad lib.

How do you work on your fear of public speaking...your glossophobia?

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  1. Very true about the benefits of visualization! I would also like to see some glossophobia statistics to see how many people this fear affects!