Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Maintenance Week 2

I weighed in last night up another 2.8 lbs.  This puts me above the goal window so I thought that meant the 6 weeks would restart once I got back to goal.  We were giving our Weight Watchers success stories again last night and were asked where we are on our journeys.  When I said I hit goal but was over this time the leader still said I had only 4 weeks left.  So I guess you just have 6 weeks no matter whether you're over, under, or right where you need to be.  Works for me!

Week of Workouts

Thursday was Cardio & Abs.

Friday was a welcomed rest day.

Saturday I wrapped up week 9 with Build: Chest/Tris.

Sunday was another rest day; it felt weird with two rest days so close together.

Monday was Bulk: Back.

Tuesday was Build: Legs.

Today was Bulk: Chest.

I kept trying to renew the Body Beast DVDs but had no luck this time around; I have to bring them back to the library today.  I'm 8th on the request list but hope I don't have to wait long.  I plan to pick up where I left off whenever I get the DVDs back.  In the meantime I have plenty of other workouts still checked out that I can do.

Physical Therapy Update

The PT has been working on the Alexander Technique with me, trying to get me to not be using muscles when they're not needed.  I've checked out some books from the library on the subject and will be reading up on it some more.  Have you tried this technique before?

Yesterday I had sneezed while getting ready to leave work to head to therapy so I had a headache when I arrived.  The PT gave me some more exercises to strengthen my C-Spine so I can reduce the impact of my hard sneezes.

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  1. You are awesome, you ROCK and you need to post a photo or 2 of you in that dress! are INSPIRING so many. Keep up the great work I am very proud of you!!!! #wowlinkup

  2. Cassandra, I use pinterest for excercise ideas when I don't have dvds available, and I love those too...I hope you get improvement with therapy #workingmomwednesdays

  3. Woohoo, maintenance! That is awesome to know that you still have 4 weeks. I assumed that you'd have to re-start too, so I'm glad to hear that's not the case. I think maintenance is too hard anyway to make it "re-set" every time you have a little gain! Go you!