Thursday, May 7, 2015

Farmer's Market Season Begins

Well, I'm up again this week.  I've just been SOO hungry lately.  Not sure if it's stress or weightlifting; I've heard you're hungrier when you lift.  But I don't know if my lighter weights would make that much of a difference.

At this week's Weight Watchers meeting we finally received our Spring Promo charms this week for attending 5 weeks (I think it was).  Isn't it a cute little thing!

Week of Workouts

I'm rocking ChaLEAN Extreme (at least I think I am).  Whomever's monitoring their Facebook page has been liking and commenting on my posts!

THURSDAY:  Burn Circuit 1
SATURDAY:  Burn Intervals & Ab Burner

Austin and I lay outside on a blanket Saturday and Sunday afternoon reading.  I'm loving this weather!

SUNDAY:  Burn It Off! & Recharge
MONDAY:  You would've thought with all that relaxing over the weekend I would've popped right up and been ready to workout.  I just was too tired so I swapped Monday and Tuesday, making this a rest day.
TUESDAY:  Burn Circuit 2
WEDNESDAY:  Burn Circuit 3 in the morning and walking during lunch.  I went a little overboard in how long I took.

THURSDAY:  Burn Circuit 1.  I realized this morning that I'd switched from using the 5 lb to the 8 lb dumbbells doing the flyes (or flies or however it's spelled...seen it more than one way by different trainers).  IMPROVEMENT!

Farmer's Market Season Begins

This was the first week of the farmer's market downtown.  I was kinda bummed at first because there weren't many fresh veggies out there but I guess it's a lil too early for the farmers.  My favorite one wasn't there yet either; I hope they'll show up later in the season.  Instead there were a ton of starter plants you could buy for your own garden.  I had to pick one to try....something completely new to me.  I'm hoping that this will be fruitful and multiply LOL

I stopped inside the market and bought a PB & Awesome Smoothie (peanut butter, banana, almond milk, & nutella) from Twenty Two.  It was OK...I'll just say it wasn't worth the $6 they charge.  The ones I make at home taste better.

What do you like to pick up in the early part of farmer's market season?

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  1. Oh, I hear ya on the having a weight gain! But you kicked some workout butt, so who cares!!! :) Great job!

  2. You look so slim! I love farmer's markets but I have my own in my backyard. I will be planting my veggies this week-end. #wowlinkup