Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Yoga Collective Giveaway and My New Program

Last week I just wasn't feeling it with TOM and health insurance shockers...I didn't have it in me to write my weekly post.  And that's OK, it happens sometimes.  Still feeling bloated but able to think more clearly this week.  To start us off today I have a giveaway.

The Yoga Collective

I was contacted by The Yoga Collective to check out their yoga workout videos.  I was given three codes for a free year's membership in exchange for my honest review, one for myself and two to give away.

There are quite a variety of workouts to choose from and some positions I hadn't seen before visiting The Yoga Collective.  The first thing I noticed when searching the videos were the levels.  I had not seen a number system like this before so I asked the rep to explain the differences.  Reading his explanations I considered myself mostly a level 2.

1 is beginner, introducing you to yoga and understanding about breathing and the importance of yoga.
1+ is still beginner but you actually start doing yoga and doing basic stretches.
2 is intermediate. It builds off level 1 and shows you a few more advance moves.
2+ assumes that you know level 1 and the yoga is a little more fast pace because we assume you have watched the previous levels.
3 is advance. We assume you know what you are doing you know the names of the posses and we move a little quicker.
While I was in between programs I made Sunday my day to do yoga.  I searched The Yoga Collective each time and pretty much stuck with the 1+ & 2 levels for my choices.  Here are the four workouts I've done so far

So many workouts so little time to do them all!  I enjoyed each online yoga class I did and will continue to use The Yoga Collective for my active rest days.  I can't wait to explore more of what they have to offer over the year.  I don't see myself advancing levels anytime soon as I'm unable to do any of the arm balancing positions.  I'm happy where I am and can still learn a lot here.

Are you interested in exploring or expanding your yoga abilities?  Take a look at their free yoga videos and see if yoga is something you'd be interested in.  Enter to win a year's membership with The Yoga Collective.  50% of their profits go to charities.  Who could pass that up?

My New Program

Tuesday afternoon I signed up for the free 30 day trial of Beachbody on Demand.  While I love the idea my computer wasn't cooperating so I won't be continuing beyond the trial.  I still want to continue with strength training so that's what I looked for in the available programs.  I don't feel I'm ready for any of the P90s so I went with Chalene Johnson's ChaLEAN Extreme.  The first day I had to watch the workout on my teeny tiny phone screen....

Now I was scared a bit by EXTREME in the title.  From other extreme workouts they seem crazy difficult.  Not so much with this workout.  The only EXTREME, at least in this first phase, are sets of 3 super duper slow reps.  That is hard because I don't like to lift slow...I know I'm not alone with that.  I don't have as much of a problem lifting up as I do lowering slowly.  After going up for 8 seconds my arms just want to drop LOL

Someone asked me how I liked ChaLEAN Extreme so far in comparison to Body Beast.  Honestly, there's no comparison as the only thing that's similar is you're lifting weights.  Body Beast you have sets increasing and decreasing the amount of weight you're lifting.  ChaLEAN Extreme you only do one set (using the max weight you can lift keeping proper form) of 10-12 reps.  With Body Beast it seems like half your time is sitting or laying down lifting the weights.  I think only one or two lifting exercises in this first phase of ChaLEAN Extreme were done on the floor.  Sagi goes fast and Chalene goes slow.  I could probably go on forever picking apart the differences between the two programs LOL

What I don't like as much is Chalene doesn't give you much time to switch up your weights.  Chalene and the guy use some fancy schmancy dial-a-weight dumbbell set so you just have to flick your finger to adjust your weights.  Chalene's sister and the modifier use a set of 3 dumbbells.  There's another lady using resistance bands instead of dumbbells.  I have to pause the video when I need to switch between the 5/10/15 lb adjustable dumbbell set.  Not a big deal but I could use another set to avoid this LOL

This first month of ChaLEAN Extreme is the Burn Phase.  As you know I don't follow the pre-determined schedules as I move them around to fit my availability.

Here's the Burn schedule I'm following-
WEDNESDAY:  Burn Circuit 3
THURSDAY:  Burn Circuit 1
FRIDAY:  Rest/Yoga
SATURDAY:  Burn Intervals & Ab Burner
SUNDAY:  Burn It Off! & Recharge
MONDAY:  Burn Circuit 2
TUESDAY:  Rest/Yoga

Now I have the potential of TWO sessions with The Yoga Collective!

Have you tried any new programs lately?

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  1. I would be scared of that title too! I do a Boot Camp every Tuesday and I already see a huge difference in my ability to run hills!

  2. I'm a huge P90 fan (all of them)! I've been looking for new programs to add more variety. I haven't found anything that I love and keeps me as motivated as the P90 workouts. I've tried and returned many ha! Now, I'm creating my own weekly workouts :)

    Good luck with Chalene! Her Piyo is one program that motivates but I've done it too many times to do it again right now.

  3. I strongly believe in weight lifting over everything else. I do not know what it is but for real results - LIFT HEAVY and often. Yoga is cool too though. #wowlinkup

  4. Which beginning yoga class by them would you recommend? I need something slow to start because I have been hurt doing yoga. I don't want repeat what happened to me again. #wowlinkup