Thursday, November 3, 2016

Joining Creating Better Tomorrow for Stress Free Holidays

You open up your planner. And immediately you feel overwhelmed. School holiday party this week. Extended family next week. Christmas shopping sometime in the mix. Clean the house for your in-laws coming over. Does this look anything like your agenda throughout late November and through December? And many of you probably have travel in there too. Stress free Holidays First off, how about you and me, together, let's take a deep breath.

Did you do it? Ok, ready I'm here to help you create stress free holidays where you can actually enjoy your family and friends.

Perhaps when you read the phrase stress free holidays your first reaction is like mine was...laughter. I didn't think the three words could go together. One night after journalling about the upcoming holidays and the stress I realized how sad this made me. How sad that I didn't even fathom that the three words could go together. When my faith and my God tell me this should be the most JOYOUS time of the year. I went on a mission. Help women create stress free holidays full of happiness! Are you ready I want to let you in on the secret. This formula is made up of three simple steps. And I am not naive enough to believe that these steps will remove all the family tension, the late nights, the travel worries, etc. BUT I am confident enough to KNOW that by including these three things in your life every day now through the end of the year you WILL end up happier come 2017. So without further delay...drum roll please...your formula for stress free holidays.

Move 30 minutes a day 6 days a week


Drink half your body weight in water every day


Practice self love and gratitude EVERY DAY


Stress Free and Happy Holidays

Maybe you don't see how drinking water, moving, and loving yourself (and others) can have any impact on your holiday season. But I know these simple steps will have a huge impact. Here is where the magic happens. Each of these steps takes little time but you send the message to your brain that you are making time for yourself. The message that YOU ARE IMPORTANT and that your health and happiness haven't slipped to the bottom of the to do list. Isn't that what seems to happen every holiday season? Everything else MUST get done but at our own expense. I propose we all rebel. And this rebellion will actually bring the focus back on the JOY and the TRUE MEANING of the holidays.

I invite you to join me as I help you and many other women in Healthy for the Holidays.

Stress free holidays Starting on November 20th I will be helping you reach that goal of stress free holidays. Together we will work to drink our water, move, and to love ourselves. You will receive a daily email from me with a self love and gratitude action step (won't take long I promise!) and you in that email will also be your daily reminder on water and movement! AND you will be added into my private facebook group for clients only! I'd love to have you and invite you to learn more or contact me with any questions Most importantly though, whether you join me or not, I pray that this holiday season is the most joyous and blessed season for you and those you love.

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  1. Great idea as we head into the holiday season. I am adding those 3 things to my To-do list today.