Friday, November 4, 2016

Muscle Roller Stick by Live Infinitely Review

I am a strong proponent of myofascial release since I believe that foam rolling saved my right leg.  Anyone I see mentioning similar pain as I had I tell them to roll it.  I'd only used foam rollers before so I was curious how rolling differed using a stick instead so I jumped at the opportunity to try one out.  I received a purple Muscle Roller Stick by Live Infinitely for free in exchange for my honest review.

One day I brought the Muscle Roller Stick into work and had a few of my coworkers try it out.  They all had difficulties reaching the stick when attempting to roll their upper backs.  Despite being more flexible than they are I had to adjust my shoulder a bit in order to have a grip on both ends.  Perhaps a 24" stick would be better than 18" for the upper back.  As with a foam roller I felt no relief massaging my upper back.  I may be one of those people that only carefully placed hands can work out the kinks.

Thankfully my IT band and pirformis muscle haven't been acting up in a while so I haven't felt the need to roll my legs.

In Tai Cheng they have you roll in the warm up to help wake up your muscles before and enable you to increase your range of motion for getting into some of the positions.  This is done  to reduce your risk of injury during your workout.  Rolling after a workout can help reduce the delayed onset muscle soreness that you get sometimes when using a muscle in a way you haven't done in a while (or ever).  When you hit a sore spot I recommend rolling it longer and slower until the pain begins to dissipate.  I have cried when the pain hits but it feels like such a relief once you work through it!

Live Infinitely's guide shows rolling your neck, upper back, shoulders, mid/lower back, biceps, triceps, forearm, abdomen, obliques & lats, IT band, hamstrings, quads, adductors, calves, shins, and feet.  Some of these areas I can't imagine ever manipulating in this way.  I think I'll just stick with rolling my legs.  Unlike the foam roller the stick allows you to use some of your bodyweight and strength to go deeper into muscle to hit more fibers. 

What area do you find yourself rolling the most?

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