Sunday, May 5, 2013

In the Beginning...was Tai Cheng

I checked out a couple of the Beachbody programs from the library that I thought were possiblities for me.  To start off I can't do anything high impact; I'd keel over for sure in the middle of doing the exercises.  Benny and I both agreed that I need something to make me more flexible and balanced before I can try anything else.  Tai Cheng appears to be the best route to take.

Since I got the DVDs from the library I don't have anything else that normally comes with the program.  We went and bought one of the foam rollers.  I already had a tape measure.

This morning I watched the whole Master Scroll DVD alone.  By the time this was done Austin was awake.  So I set up for the Function Test.  Here's how I scored:
  • Squat:  0.  This hurt in many places.
  • Single Leg Stand:  2.  I was too wobbly.
  • Shoulder Mobility:  0.  No problem with my left hand but when I tried to reach the bottom of my shoulder blade with right came the pain.
  • Chair Touch:  2.  As I sat back down I didn't completely lose the grip on the back fat but it slipped.
  • In Line Lunge:  1.  Again, way too wobbly.
  • Rotary Stability:  1.  Still too wobbly.
  • Standing Toe Touch:  2.  I could almost reach my ankles.
So my overall score was 8/20.  There's much work to do in the next 90 days!

Benny had awakened before I was done with the test.  He was what I leaned on for some of the wobbles.

Afterwards Benny set up my calibration grid.  He didn't want the tape on the carpet or to have to retape it daily.  So he used a couple of grandma's rugs and duct tape instead.

I struggled a bit with some parts on the first workout but that's what makes it challenging and builds up your strength.

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