Monday, May 13, 2013

Tai Cheng Week 1 - COMPLETE

Well, I survived a week of exercise!

The hardest part for me is the daily Neural Reboot.  My wrists and elbows cramp up during the foam roller portion.  Some days are better than others in terms of how many times I have to pause the DVD to shake them out.  I still can't seem to get myself in the right position for planking (I think that's what it's called).  I have to do the modified version (on my knees) but never feel that it's what the woman's doing.  Of course I'm still wobbly when I have to balance but I'm moving faster.

The Tai Chi portion I get confused sometimes with doing the static moves.  Trying to figure out which arm is up and which is down I get lost.  Otherwise it's not so bad.  Because I can't remember the moves from day to day Benny wants me to redo the week.  What do you expect only doing the move a few times for 15 minutes or so and not going back!  Week 2 says it's combining the moves so I don't think it's necessary to repeat.

And now for the scary before pictures.  Double stomach and chin.  Flabby arms.  Back fat.  Big jiggly butt.  Thunder thighs.  (Not sure why Benny didn't get my legs in any picture.)  There's a lot to work on...literally.  I'm not expecting there to be much of a visible difference since Tai Cheng is low intensity but I may be surprised.

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