Sunday, May 26, 2013

Weight Watchers & Tai Cheng Journey - Phase 1 Complete

Two months of Weight Watchers and three weeks of Tai Cheng down.  Many more months of Weight Watchers and 10 weeks of Tai Cheng to go!

As of this week's weigh in I'm down 14.4 lbs since beginning this journey.  More than 5% of my weight is gone!  I started out losing over 2 lbs a week.  Both weeks involving the start of my TOM I had a .8 lb gain.  That first week I noticed that I ate a lot of pasta.  The second week I ate under my daily points every day.  Neither was intentional yet yielded the same results.  So I think I need to expect this gain every month.  There was a shockingly unexpected loss of 4 lbs the end of April.  No clue what made that week so special but wish I knew so I could repeat it! LOL

For someone who never really exercised, never dieted, and never thought she could be on diet (because I'm a picky eater) this is a big deal!  The Weight Watchers program works because it just makes sense!  If someone like me can get this to work for them then anyone should be able to do it.
Workout Weeks 1-3
Neural Reboot 1 is complete now.  Next week starts #2...I wonder what all is involved.  It says the next 3 weeks help increase your energy, burn calories, and builds greater stability, strength, and balance.  Boy, could I use that!  I'm hoping this will stimulate my weight loss to significantly increase as my losses have slowed down.
DVDs 1-3

I struggled with Sequence 1 in the beginning.  Since I'm facing the opposite direction I was trying to use the right side when they were on the right side and left side when they were on the left side.  Somehow I kept ending up on the wrong side.  So I switched to doing the sequence as a mirror image.  I thought I was still ending up on the wrong side but then I finally realized I would be on the opposite leg in the mirror!  So by the end of the week I was more confident with the flow of these six moves in sequence.  Since it took so long to figure things out I almost want to repeat this week but I know that could set me back.  Perhaps I'll pop in the DVD on Saturdays (the day I don't Tai Cheng) as a refresher.

Challenges are a great way to help during a weight loss journey.  See how close you can reach the group's goal or your own personal goal.  Support systems when you're struggling or need a push.  Get tips on what you could change to maximize your weight loss.  I could go on forever!  Below is information on one such challenge.  If you can't get in the June challenge stay tuned for future challenges.

Our Pure Results Challenge on June 3 is a challenge for people who are ready to see results with their health and fitness. It's a 30 day challenge to give you the tools you need to be successful.

You'll get:
- One-on-one support from a personal coach
- A support group
- A workout buddy
- A workout that you love
- Shakeology daily
- A free 30 day meal planner
- A team of coaches supporting you.
Most people lose between 3-11 pounds during this challenge.


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