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Good health at 40: Three quick ways to boost your health & fitness!

This being the first time for guest posting I'm not sure what all to put on an introduction.  Sure I've read several other's guest posts but my things always tend to be different.  I listed my request for guest posters in a few places and of course received some replies with topics no where near what this blog is about.  Carly was the first to respond with relevant topics.  I hope you enjoy!

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They say 40 is the new 30 for women. After all, age is just a number and does not have to define you. While you may not sure if you feel that way right now – with all types of shifts in your body and those hormones starting to rebel – there are some ways to boost your health and fitness so you feel young(er) again.  Here are three ways you can start changing your physical and mental outlook:

1.    Get Moving! Despite running from here and there – between work, taxi service for the kids, and family life – you may still have a sedentary lifestyle that has you moving less than you should. Exercise and an active life are two of the best solutions for stress, anxiety, and troubled sleep. Regular exercise also helps to decrease your chances of chronic diseases by keeping your body in top-performing mode. You will be able to strengthen muscles and alleviate pain while reducing the risk of bone fractures and arthritis. Even 20 minutes a day of brisk walking can make a difference. Working in other movement can be fun and also help keep you from stiffening up. It could be dancing, tennis, or golf.  Plus, if you pick outdoor exercise, you can give your body a little bit extra Vitamin D from the sunlight that helps re-energize you. If you can’t get outdoors, be sure to get up from your desk every half hour and do some stretching and movement to keep those joints working! It’s that old adage, you have got to use it or you will lose it!

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2.    Take Your Vitamins. As you age, your body’s nutritional needs change. Not staying attuned to these changing needs can lead to vitamin deficiencies that then zap your energy and slow you down. Although the jury is still out on whether vitamins really make a difference – with some swearing by them and saying just one supplement makes them feel on top of the world – it is well worth trying. Of course, a balanced diet can be the best solution for your body, it may be that you are still missing out on certain vitamins and minerals that could help provide you with the energy need to be that super woman. Some vitamins can help with bone health and your immune system, which are important because, as women age, these are trouble spots that can slow us all down. If you are not necessarily keen on taking tablets every day, focus on adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet that are full of some of these same vitamins.

3.    Catch Those Zzzzzs. The power of sleep makes an incredible difference in your physical appearance as well as your mental and emotional outlook. Those who can get between seven and nine hours a night not only look fresh and younger, but they also have a brighter outlook and are more alert. However, many women in their 40s report sleep troubles and chronic insomnia, which they never previously experienced often related to hormonal changes. To ensure a good’s night sleep, there are natural sleep aids, including herbal remedies, which address these hormonal changes. You can also prepare your bedroom and yourself for sleep by creating a quiet and cool environment and removing any stimuli like your smartphone and television. That regular exercise in tip 1 also can go a long way to catching up on your beauty sleep!

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Of course, there are many other important ways that you can look and feel younger, including drinking lots of water, staying social, and balancing work and personal life. However, these three ways can go a long way to creating the physical and mental energy that will have many people guessing you are a lot younger than your actual age!

Carly W is a writer working on behalf of Nature’s Best.  In her spare time she enjoys walking her two lovely doggies and cooking up delicious meals.


  1. I am 42 and JUST started taking vitamins faithfully this year. My doc told me my vitamin D was low and I needed a supplement. So that got me to researching. That beauty sleep is not so great in my 40s either. Stopping by via Fave Friday - cheers with water!

    1. I'm only 34 but my Dr told me my vitamin D dropped when he got the results after my physical in December; it was 13.4 ng/mL. I've been taking the gels since.

  2. I follow all of these tips already, and if my health allows, I plan to continue for the rest of my life. I love that my journey has taught me that living a healthier lifestyle has made me realize it's not just about a certain weight goal. It is a way of life. Thanks for linking up, Cassi and yaaay for your first guest post!

  3. I'm 33, but I'm so bad about procrastinating that I want to start these habits NOW. I do take vitamins and try to sleep a lot. And I drink a lot of water. Regular exercise is not my strength, unless you counting chasing kids. I do that a lot. Thanks for the food for thought!

  4. Sleep has always been illusive for me, but I do great on the exercise and vitamin-taking aspect. It's just too bad dining out if one of my top hobbies.... I also take fish oil. Just a few weeks ago, I got a fitbit and it's been a great motivator to keep me moving on the days my motivation slags a bit.