Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April Showers 21 Day Fix - 10 Days In

The home scale only reflects a .4 lb loss while my official weigh in was 1.6 lbs down.  Should I even bother continuing to monitor and take a picture of the scale for my weekly posts?  What would you rather see instead - a picture of the printout/sticker from weigh in, a screenshot of the chart or table view from Weight Watchers, or something else to display my weight?

Saturday we made a trip to Goodwill.  I picked up
  • Size 10 jean (Yes, I'm in 10's now!)
  • Size 12 jean
  • Size 10 cargo pants
  • Size M wrap skirt
  • 2 size L shirts
  • 2 belts (I think they both say 38")

Benny managed to find this huge Lee Reynolds painting for $50.  We tried to hang it up but can't get the picture wire to reach the nail.  Austin and Benny picked out a couple of board games also.

I'm currently frustrated with my health insurance.  Obamacare (I refuse to call it the true name) has come down hard on what my employer can offer us.  Our deductible has quadrupled and all other costs have increased (even a deductible for prescriptions now!).  Benny was supposed to have that surgery to remove the stones from his salivary gland/duct before the end of March but that was cancelled because he drank milk that morning.  We had rescheduled it for tomorrow but now we had to cancel.  I got the average facility cost from the hospital but Anthem flat out refuses to give us any kind of idea what our final cost will be.  Will the final bill be just the deductible or will we have to pay some co-insurance also?  Benny calls this a scam for them refusing to tell a consumer how much a service will be.  He refuses to have the surgery until we know costing information so we can figure out how to pay for it all.  Has anyone had this happened before?


Day 4: Pilates Fix Lower Fix
I woke up and it was like a miracle had happened overnight!  Only a slight twinge periodically in my thighs but otherwise I was pain free.  So it was definitely the right decision to switch days 3 & 4 workouts.  Leg day wasn't as bad as I'd expected.  I see everyone posting about how they hate leg day on just about every workout program.  I'd almost say I LOVE leg day if they were all like this!

Day 5:  Cardio Fix
I alternated between the regular and modified movements throughout the workout so I wouldn't overdo it.  That worked out really well; I had the best burn of all 7 workouts...right about where I like to be.

Day 6:  Dirty 30
I didn't understand what made this workout "dirty"...

Day 7: Yoga Fix
I tried this workout before officially starting so I had an idea what I was doing.  Did that make doing yoga easier?  Perhaps.  It sure felt a little easier but I just don't do that swooping thing when you go into up dog.  It's either my lack of coordination or I'm too slow LOL

Day 8: Total Body Cardio Fix
Back to surrendering again. UGH!  I took it very slowly and pushed through without pain.  Next week I'll go a little faster and hope to not have a repeat of day 1.

Day 9:  Upper Fix
Attempted to do some of the moves with my Slim in 6 resistance band instead of the weights.  Yeah, that didn't work out so well.  I just couldn't stretch the band out with it wrapped around my feet.  It's possible that this band is just too short to do these workouts.  I do want to pick up some heavier weights though.  I'm only working with 3 lb weights so maybe just 5 lb ones next.

Day 10:  Lower Fix
Leg day again!  It only hurts doing the leg lifts on the floor.  It wouldn't be so bad if it were less than a minute.  But at least it doesn't last beyond the moves.


I really need a better blender and more big cups if I'm going to keep up with eating all these fruits and veggies!   Some days I even struggle getting the protein in.  I've always called myself the meat and potatoes kid so it doesn't make sense that I can't eat more meat LOL.  It does seem easier when I do the smoothies as dessert as opposed to breakfast or a morning snack.  Benny hates cleaning out the blender but doesn't like how I wash dishes so he's stuck with it.

My salads are a little weird since the only raw veggies I'll eat are the leafy ones; everything else has to be cooked.  So I'll have just lettuce and spinach with some turkey.  Now, one day I tried to make a vinaigrette with my rice vinegar.  For some reason I had a headache from the first bite.  The flavor was good but the headache kind of scared me.  Have you experienced this before?  The rest of the time I've eaten a salad I've just used my fat free ranch but don't know if it's 21 Day Fix friendly.

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  1. I've heard so many horror stories with this Obamacare or whatever it is. Honestly I think it's given people more money problems and stress problems than anything. I sure hope Benny gets the care they need! Is there any other path that can be tried while waiting? I'm unfamiliar with stones in that area but I know there are many holistic avenues that help hundreds of thousands of people everyday.

    1. I guess you can't pass salivary stones like you can with the kidneys. We finally got Anthem to admit the final cost would be more than his out of pocket maximum so we have to wait on the surgery.

  2. I love your Goodwill haul... I can't wait to be back in those sizes! Congrats!

  3. I have to say since I am in healthcare - it isn't the system but how your employer chooses to participate. They passed the cost on to its employees, based on what you posted. Ultimately it isn't insurance but the facilities and physicians and ancillaries running a game. They should be able to tell you how much it would cost to have his procedure in that facility based on the referring physician and their privileges and what Anthem covers. Deductible tripling - that only matters if you are incurring services that hit the deductible. Co-insurance is basically copays and that is pretty static ($30 for doctor office visit, etc.). If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Go to my site to contact me. Thanks for participating in #wowlinkup. And the real name is the Affordable Care Act (ACA) - it isn't the President's fault physicians and facilities want to be jerks about it.

    1. My employer was livid when she saw what choices she had. One single guy's rate doubled, mainly because of the requirement that everyone be covered for woman's care even if it's a single male. They're shopping around and trying to find a better deal all around.

  4. I would go with the WW weigh in ;) Your commitment to sticking to your plan is really inspiring!

    Sarah |

  5. Great job with the 10s!
    Goodwill is definitely helpful during a weight loss journey

  6. My husband says that your employer might have dropped the level of coverage so you have to pay more out of pocket or increased their deductible. Too bad you can't go out on your own and shop for your own insurance, you probably would get a better deal than what your employer is providing. BTW, congrats on your new dress size.

    1. I forgot stopping by from #wowlinkup.

    2. I believe all the options they were presented with had the deductible we got or higher. They weren't given any better options.

  7. I'm so sorry for your struggle with the insurance and the surgery. It is very difficult to plan when you don't know how much something is going to cost. Good luck - and way to go with all the healthy living!!

  8. Awesome workout and great job on losing. Your good will haul was amazing as well.Keep up the good work.

  9. I think measurements are the way to go! The most accurate is the measurement of the widest part of the thigh. It's what I do to measure progress of the transition of my fat to muscle! Good luck!

  10. You are doing sooooo well!!! :) BTW, I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Details found here:

  11. Love the honesty towards what you know to be right versus what you want to do. Could you include some of your fav recipes for others of us to not reinvent the wheel?