Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bariatric & Medical Weight Loss Seminar

The first required step for all patients is to attend our free informational seminar that will last approximately two hours.  You will be provided with information about our programs, the different resources we have available for you and the lifestyle changes associated with each program.

Just reading this on the referral paperwork has an ominous tone to it.  It sounds like this would either be too much information crammed into a small timeframe or hideously boring.

We drove 30 mins or so to get up there Saturday morning.  I walk in and they ask if I'm there for surgery or medical weight loss.  I say medical and am told that they're not accepting new patients for medical weight loss until maybe September.  Because of this the seminars are currently only for surgical weight loss.  They said the doctor should've known that and not sent me there!  So you know this news put anyone who made the trip in a crappy mood.

In the afternoon my phone made a swan dive out of my pocket into the toilet.  This is the second phone I've do this!  So both of these things made the day blah for me....didn't feel like doing anything.

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