Monday, May 21, 2012

Sleep Study III - Done

Despite my normal bedtime being around midnight they had me arrive at 8pm.  I was wondering what all I would do for 4 hours.  Mostly I flipped through all the tv channels, stopping to watch something for a few minutes and then moved on.

After I was in the room for maybe an hour the night tech hooked me up with all the wires.  Some of the leads itched or burned but nothing actually burned my skin this time.  I asked for water to drink and she gave me one of those mini bottles (which surprisingly lasted me through the night).  Around 10:30 pm she put me down for the night.

Throughout the night I woke up with all my joints aching from laying funny to avoid accidentally removing leads.  Once I woke up hearing a lot of movement and conversations in the hallway I assumed it was sometime after 7 am.  However, when she unhooked me so I could go to the bathroom, she told me it was about 3 am!  I felt awake but not fully alert (or maybe the other way around) so it took me a little bit to go back to sleep.

When waking again later I heard less movement but still conversations in the hallway.  This time it was 7 am so I was done for the night.  The day tech unhooked most of the leads and brought me juice and granola bars (what I normally eat for breakfast).  About every hour and a half she returned to hook me up for the 20 minute naps.  I never was completely asleep but dozed a few seconds, waking up when I started snoring.

The last nap was at 4:30 pm.  I don't recall the day study taking this long on the other two studies.  I stood in the shower what felt like a long time to get the goo out of my hair.  I think most of the goo came out before applying the shampoo.

When I got home the insurance approval letter was waiting for me in the mail.  The letter was dated Monday so why did it take until Friday to reach me?  Talk about slow processing time!

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