Thursday, May 17, 2012

Insurance Approved!

I called insurance Tuesday for my annual verification that nobody has other insurance.  Once that was done I asked the rep to check on the pre-authorization for the sleep study.  She said it was approved but no number had been assigned (whatever that meant).

A few minutes later I received a call from the sleep lab saying she had just spoken with insurance and said that they had approved the sleep study.  That night I received an automated reminder message about the sleep study.  Wednesday morning I received another call (from an actual person) verifying the apointment.  Wednesday evening, while out to dinner for Benny's birthday, I received yet another automated reminder message bout the sleep study.  Talk about overkill!

Tonight is the night so no more reminders (I hope).  I'm to check in at 8pm but usually don't get to sleep until around midnight.  So I hope that I'll be able to sleep earlier otherwise I'll run out of things to do quickly.  I'll be there tomorrow until who knows when where they check to see how easy it is for me to doze during the day.  I don't recall if I nodded off during this portion on the other two studies.  There's a higher chance that I will doze this time (or so it feels like).

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