Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday

Well, I was up 1.4 lbs at weigh in last night.  TOM's really made me super hungry this time around; I don't remember ever feeling this hungry before!  It was like no matter what or how much I ate my body craved MORE.

I went to the gynecologist yesterday for my annual exam.  I hadn't seen this doctor since last February so he had no idea of my journey.  After sitting in the waiting room an hour and nearly passing out because it was so hot I finally got back to the room.  It was colder there so, along with the bottle of water they gave me, my temperature dropped and I was chilly by the time the doctor came in.  He had an intern/shadow (I don't know what he was called) with him.

We chatted about what I've been doing to lose the weight.  The doctor said that he had even joined Weight Watchers in January to lose the 20 lbs or so he needed to get back to his triathlon (I think that's the racing he said) shape.  My doctor is so tiny it's hard to imagine that he needed to lose any weight!  He's addicted to Coke for the caffeine and has never been able to go for more than 6 months without having any soda.  The doctor said that he got a job at 7-11 in college just for the free soda!

I was glad to finally get the DVDs from the library Saturday.  The Blu-ray player was refusing to play the workouts anymore.  I kept getting the annoying spiral of death!

The Ballet Body Upper Body workout was the only DVD I had from the library so I tried this Saturday morning.  Never again!  The portions standing up weren't so bad but trying to hold myself up in the positions on the floor were too difficult for me.  Needless to say that DVD went back to the library Saturday afternoon.

Some of my holds had arrived during the week so I got additional workout DVDs.  I've been doing Brooke Burke's 30-Day Slim Down this week.  I enjoyed the Cardio Burn workout but not the Tone & Sculpt.  It just didn't seem like it was enough work for me.  Either way I couldn't imagine just doing these two workouts for 30 days.  I only burned 240-ish calories with the Cardio and under 200 for Toning.  My body craves MORE!

I picked up a couple of Jillian Michaels' DVDs to try - Jillian Michaels for Beginners & Body Revolution.  I also got Yoga to the Rescue for Neck & Shoulders that I'll try Sunday.

I found several discount opportunities through Groupon and Amazon Local with spa deals.  Now to decide what specifically to do.  Which sounds the most appealing to you?

Massage: 60 or 90 Minutes | SoBRO Bodyworks
One-Hour Massage | Therapeutic Massage Indy - Anna Waggoner, CMT
Torc Body Contouring: One or Three Treatments | 7E Fit Spa
Massage: Aromatherapy or Stress Relief | Zeta Spa Massage
Swedish or Deep-Tissue Massage | Hygeia Healing Hands
90-Minute Acupuncture Session with Consultation | Acupuncture Pain Relief Centers of Indiana
Custom Therapeutic Massage | Healing Touch Massage and Wellness
One or Three Massages | Dimick Family Chiropractic
Slimming Seaweed Body Wrap and 30-Minute Swedish Massage | Complexions Spa
60- or 90-Minute Therapeutic Massage or Ashiatsu Massage | Quiescence Experience
30-Minute Swedish Massage, a Microdermabrasion Facial, and Mani-Pedi | Fierce Image Spa & Salon
60- or 90-Minute Massage | Healing Touch Massage and Wellness
90- or 60-Minute Massage | Broad Ripple Massage Practice
One, Three, or Five Body Contouring Fat-Cavitation Sessions | Front Porch Wellness Spa

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  1. Oooh, personally I'd go with the aromatherapy or stress relief. I am a big baby and so deep tissue massages hurt me...but they all sound amazing!! Good for you for treating yourself to this, you deserve it! I am going to see my family doctor a week from today...I haven't seen her since losing 62 lbs, so I hope she is excited!! :)

  2. I'd probably just close my eyes and pick anything! They all sound amazing. I've tried the Jillian Michaels workouts and really enjoyed them.
    Visiting from the WOW linkup and I stopped your FB page. Looking forward to sharing your journey with you!

  3. Wow such a tough choice! All of those look great! Sorry about the gain but you'll be back on track in no time flat!

  4. Sorry you had a gain this week, but I can feel your pain with the being so hungry no matter what you eat, it's so annoying!! I had that a couple weeks ago.

    I would go for the 30-Minute Swedish Massage, a Microdermabrasion Facial, and Mani-Pedi because you get a little bit of everything! It would feel like a true Day at the Spa. :)

  5. On man, TOM is BRUTAL this month for me too! I'm not gonna lie, I ate a lot of chocolate chips...O.O OH goes away thankfully!