Monday, October 6, 2014

Last Week's Weigh in Wednesday

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I'm a little embarrassed.  I had this post written last week but never got back around to picking out the title picture so it was never published. :/

No inches were lost in September...well, just a half inch off my waist.  I was super hungry with TOM last week and it showed at the scale a little; I was up .6 lbs.  Or maybe the intense workout at SuperSunday factored in.  The host had us doing some TurboFire and Insanity to her own music mix.  It was hard doing some of the moves on a slick floor but otherwise a great workout.  I burned 440 calories in about 45 minutes and my heart rate was up to 175 (average was 156)!  I had only a little bit of lightheadedness but it wasn't anything where I'd have to stop and sit.  One of Austin's teachers from elementary school was there so we chatted a little bit before everything started.

A lady I used to work with asked me to be her personal trainer to help her lose weight.  After speaking with her during my lunch walk Wednesday I think she wants a workout buddy and someone to look to for motivation and nutrition advice.  So it's not as involved as I was thinking (yes, I overthink things a lot LOL).  I picked up more Swiss chard from the farmer's market while I was there.  There are only 3 weeks left until they close for the season!

Tuesday night I had my 18 month check-in with the Diabetes Prevention study.  They had to take my blood pressure three times since the second time had a difference of more than 10.  My A1C has been holding steady since the second visit.  My HDL likes to be low.

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  1. I also just became a Fit Fluential ambassador. I like your before and after lipid panel, you did a really good job congrats. #wowlinkup